1. :shocked:
  2. Latest toy from H
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  4. V nice meowlett, have seen this irl and its sooo sparkly
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  5. Thank you both! It is now my favorite bracelet. I won't take it off until I have to travel out of country on Sunday.
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  6. Wow... cannot imagine the price tag...!
  7. This is so pretty! Is it a cuff or a full bangle? I saw one without diamonds in the store and it was a cuff.
  8. Not OP, but it's a cuff in the same style as the non-paved rose gold one.
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  9. Info about this bracelet.

    It's real diamonds and it's not white gold but platinum. Price is ~100K€.
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  10. It is a cuff, like what @weN84 mentioned.
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  11. You learn something new every day. :smile:
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  12. I am loving these Kelly Chaine earrings! Does anyone have any idea as to the price? Unfortunately I do not have a SA to ask as I usually do my Hermes shopping in Paris at FSH with whoever is available at the time. Many thanks!
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  13. These are on my list for FSH, too! Hope they will be available when I visit
  14. Aren’t they just stunning?!? I am obsessed with asymmetric earrings. Can’t find them online anywhere to check out the price... but my best guess will be €3,000?
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  15. €100k seems really "cheap" to me.
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