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  1. Yes!!:P
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  2. Just wanted to share my wife's wedding shoes. It's a fun photo to us and we hope you like it to :smile:

    So Kate Patent in the light pink color they had last year. She destroyed a bit of the heel and they are now at the cobbler in Paris and even Louboutin themselves have to re-order the leather. They told us it was really limited.
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  3. 61C2F316-742E-4E6A-9776-793ACEF59ECB.jpeg B9EFDC9E-2148-438B-877F-3E6D06BF9E29.jpeg Got these on sale - Corsankle flats in red suede and leopard print calf hair
  4. 268B55A5-EC32-46B1-8166-F978E7CBF2F8.jpeg The softest, most comfy pair - Moon flats in Nappa
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  5. Who runs flat boots!
  6. Caught these cuties on sale. Simple Bille flat sandals. 20190113_193250_wm.jpg
  7. Oooh these were so soft and comfy when i tried them on. Unfortunately in two sizes too small, sold out in my size. Enjoy wearing yours :flowers:
  8. Thank you.
  9. Hi, Would you be able to tell me what sizing is like for the Louboutin Ballalla ? whats your general size in CL (perhaps other models compared to this flat)
    Thank you so much xoxo
  10. SalmaB the Ballalla flats run half size small compared to all my other CL pointed toe flats like pigalle; geo; corbeau; edgy ghillie; miss mars; drama etc. Fit wise the toe box is shorter, the sides are lower and tend to widen more than usual. Say you are a 39 in these other styles, then you will need to get a 39.5 in the Ballalla.
  11. Gorgeous color. Hope you can get them fixed and post a photo when they are like new.
  12. They look very good!:loveeyes:
    But I think they are a little bit to loose, I would wear them a little bit smaller, because there is some space between your heel and the shoe. But I think this is only my opinion, cause i like it if they are tighter.
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  13. Thank you!

    According to my wife, they are as tight as a really tight glove. Maybe it‘s the angle of the photo that it looks a little loose.
  14. That could be. How many sizes are they too small?
  15. One size too small. They told us that the So Kate should be a size smaller and that it needs to be tight that you can walk in them. So she had a 36.
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