*** Show off your NEW SHOES! Post your new or new-to-you Louboutins here!***

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  2. Anyone with anything new?
  3. Almost, but i missed the winning bid... Lol, maybe next time!
  4. I purchased these LP slings after receiving a white peplum dress from Asos. I can't wait to wear the whole ensemble one day...
  5. Oh that would look nice
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    I really like these! Congrats needloub!
  7. Thanks! I am already looking at the black/red/white colorway as well! :graucho:
  8. The regular LPs don't work on my feet but the sling might. :thinking:
  9. Beautiful!! :woohoo:
  10. You should try them out! :graucho: I was worried about the slings at first because of the height, but I find them pretty comfy...

  11. Gorgeous needloub!!
  12. Thank you!! ;)
  13. Can't wait to see you wearing them ;)
  14. Hi all,
    I'm new to TPF and made my first CL purchase last week when passing through Dubai to the UK. I wore them for the first time at my friends wedding and am completely hooked now :smile: An expensive trip as I also purchased my first Prada handbag!

    Apologies for the poor photo quality....I was meant to replace my camera but my first pair of CL's were more important :biggrin:
    DSC09789.jpg DSC09912.jpg
  15. Congrats! Great first pair - very cute, I like them. And cute pic, too!