*** Show off your NEW SHOES! Post your new or new-to-you Louboutins here!***

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  1. Yes you are correct, they are well made and dress of jeans quite well.
  2. Those boots are beautiful. Love the So Kate models in boot shape and pump.
  3. Just picked these babies up.

    The sneakers are new to me, but brand new from Fashionphile.

    I just received the Eloise Bootie 100mm in the mail from the Houston Boutique. This boot is sold out practically everywhere! The boots are so comfy and I can’t wait to wear the sneakers.

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    I also got these from Fashionphile Outlet, they were at an awesome price I couldn’t turn them down! However I’ve tried them on and the right shoe is extremely smaller than the left, I don’t know what I can do other than send them back. I’m kind of bummed. Please excuse my hairy legs.

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  5. [​IMG]
    So excited! I wasn’t looking to buy, but it is sale season after all ‍♀️. Originally $895, marked down to $626 then an additional 40% off yesterday bringing it down to $375.90! I also got nude and they are being shipped to me. Run ‍♀️ to ur nearest Saks! They are the Uptown’s. I believe that the extra 40% off was just yesterday but they should have some sort of additional sale off the sale price.
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  6. Love these shoes! Congrats on them! I wanted the black and white ones, but I find them too hard to close. Hope you don't have the same problem.

  7. Lol! yes they are hard to put on but I figured I did want to start doing yoga ‍♀️ and stretches. Does that count?
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  8. So Kate
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  9. So Kate are always so beautiful and sensual, always in fashion with all kind of clothes. One of my favourites from Louboutin. A masterpiece.
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    Black Pigalle Follies 100mm :love:

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  11. They are simply gorgeous and classic. I bet they 100mm are more comfy than 120mm.
  12. So classic! Love these
  13. Sooo comfortable. Anemosia flat. The suede is extremely soft. 20190102_163127_wm.jpg 20190102_163157_wm.jpg
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  15. Thank you.
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