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  1. [​IMG]
    Iriza “loubi in the sky”
  2. Simply beautiful, sensual and elegant.
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  3. There are various solutions to prevent sole scrapping. I took mine to a cobbler, he applied a red vibram half sole :biggrin:
  4. These are the first pair of Loubs I purchased in 2009..Yikes that was almost 10 years ago, how time flies.:nuts: 12172018DSC_3086.JPG
  5. 12172018DSC_3087.JPG These are the last pair I purchased oh perhaps 5 years ago. The June 100mm, it's a sleek shoe, though I have to wear ball pads to keep my foot from slipping out. These were a second choice when I missed out on the Chiarana 100 :biggrin:
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  6. Both models are beautiful and elegant. If one if them is 5 years old and the other 10 years old, it just means those pairs are well made with good and durable materials and if you have special cares with them, they can be wore a lifetime.
  7. 51A46EA8-47C0-45FD-BE1D-6C12F8E9C9E3.jpeg :heart:My new xmas sparkly baubles:heart: - Drama pump flats in stripy glitter
  8. Omg
  9. thank you! good to know.
  10. my new babies I got on sale! I wanted these for MONTHS and was so happy the boutique in NYC had them for $477. fullsizeoutput_2fdc.jpeg
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  11. They are beautiful and i love the colour.
  12. I finally got the pair I’ve been dreaming of #sokate110 #booties. They fit perfectly. So pleased.
  13. Lovely!
  14. Picked up 2 new pairs for Christmas :heart:
    BB083A20-86C6-4A17-9659-C8E96145D5C0.jpeg 0E964421-AE5F-449C-984D-A2A4E39F47D8.jpeg 9B2DE497-165E-4B18-A98D-00E084626C7F.jpeg
  15. Lovely profile and lines ;)