Show me your Helen Ficalora jewelry!

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  1. I wanted to add my pieces to this thread. I love Helen Ficalora's pieces and was lucky to have met her in person when she opened a pop up store in Dallas, TX in the fall of 2010. I drove the 4 1/2 hours from Houston to her store to get a look at all the beautiful charms, rings, and earrings that aren't on her website and there she was! She was so lovely and took 2 hours to chat with me and help try on different pieces. She loved the fact that I had driven all the way up just to visit her and was going go drive all the way back as soon as I was done. She was so down to earth, told me about her sons (one who just went through a break up, lol), and her husband who suffers from MS.
    I have the 20" DBTY with the bezel set diamonds MOM charm and a small birth stone charm with a citrine. The 24" inch twisted chain holds diamond bezel initial charms of my twins and the Hubs as well as two amethyst birth jewel charms and a small key charm. I also own her small hoops with diamond disc charm which are my every day earrings.
    Thank you for letting me share my favorite jewelry pieces!


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  2. These are lovely! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Your pieces are beautiful!!! My Helen Ficalora necklace is definitely my most treasured jewelry item. Thank you for posting the great pictures. I've been dying to see what that key charm looked like in real life. I think I will order it for my sister for her birthday! You're so lucky you got to see her stuff in person. She is from Washington but she doesn't have a store here. I wish her website had more pictures.
  4. Thank you so much! I love the little key, too. My husband bought as a "key to his heart" charm for me. Helen Ficalora has literally hundreds of charms! I loved all the three dimensional ones I saw such as a fish and elephant. She told me she carries all of them and I believe her - she has about half a dozen chains if not more filled to the brim.
  5. I've seen pictures of her wearing all her necklaces. It always impresses me how much weight those delicate chains can hold. Random online pictures are the only way I see her stuff. I dream about getting her cherry blossom ring but she doesn't make it in my size (4.5).
  6. Same here! The closest store is 4 1/2 hours by car... Have you called them to see if they could special order the size?
  7. I have called and they can't make the size :sad:. I put in an order today for the key you posted (for my sister) and a tiny heart with a diamond to add to my necklace. I'll have to get a second one like you have someday.
  8. I haven't been back to this thread in a long while, but am thinking about a push present for my second baby, and of course, I kind of wanted something frivolous like a Jacquie Aiche bracelet, but that seemed too trendy, and I probably wouldn't wear it past a few years. I STILL wear my 16" Helen Ficalora yellow gold plain chain with charms. I have about 4 charms by now, and rotate them. I realized that a long-term wear gift would be to get the 18 or 20" diamond yellow gold chain with a new diamond initial charm with the baby's name. I'm excited!

  9. You can also order by calling their toll free number: (800) 726-2525.
  10. My HF initial charm and turtle for my dd. :smile:

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  11. Does the twisted wire chain seem to be pretty sturdy/ how is it holding up/any pinching?
  12. It is delicate looking, yet very sturdy. I've had it for over 3 years now with no issues. I find it gets dirty, but I take a clean toothbrush and gently scrub it with some mild soap and it's good as new again. I don't wear it to sleep, but do to work (12 hour shifts at the hospital). It has never pinched my skin though my hair got tangled in it a few times when it was longer. I love it and would totally recommend it! Do you have anything from HF?

  13. Thanks so much for the response!!

    I do not, actually, and there are no boutiques near me, which is why I asked. I just got my first big-girl job (before I even graduate too!) and with my first paycheck I was going to splurge and get a little something I've been eyeing for awhile.
    I'm thinking a 24" chain with two charms (and a pendant I have already that I'm going to put on there too).

    How bad were the tangles? I have pretty long hair (and plan on sleeping in it) and if that's going to be an issue I may need to rethink which style chain.
  14. I think a 24 inch would look great! My hair only got tangled when I was at work with my hair up in a hat, in the operating room. Lol. Other than that, no tangles for me.

    I had to order over the phone, no boutiques near me either. Congrats on your job and graduation! Definitely a reason to treat yourself. Please post a photo of what you end up getting, I'd love to see!
  15. Thanks!!
    How was the customer service for ordering over the phone?

    I will definitely post pictures of my goodies when I get them!
    Planning on getting an initial charm to start off with for now and then saving the rest of my paycheck getting one or two more from the boutique in Dallas when I go for a few days in March (that way I can see them in person... I will take pictures in the store too for everyone!).
    I'm thinking about getting this chain from Tiffany's instead actually (the same chain in the second picture) just because it seems like less tangling would happen and I think I like the style a little bit more.
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