Show me your Helen Ficalora jewelry!

  1. Thank you! Originally I had an alphabet charm and the flower on a regular chain. I went to NY on vacation a couple years ago and added another letter. After my son was born I was given his initial as well. For Christmas I received the DBTY and the Ruby charm (it's my son's birthstone). I love that every piece has a meaning. If I keep having kids I will have quite a crowded necklace.
  2. Love it. I have mine on her dbty chain too. I went with the 20" and now I regret it a little. How long is yours? I went long because I thought more charms looked better on a longer chain while 1 or 2 looked better shorter. I also thought I could wear bigger earrings with a longer one if I wanted. Now I think I might want to shorten to 18", but that feels wasteful. Anyway your necklace is beautiful.
  3. Thank you! I have wanted this chain ever since you e mailed me pics of yours 2yrs ago! I still have them on my computer somewhere. Mine is 16" long and perfect for me that way because I have a 1yr old who would tug on it otherwise. If you want to shorten it maybe you could just have your jeweler add a little jump ring where it would be 18" long. Then you could just fasten it at 18" but still have the option to wear it at 20" later (because you wouldnt be cutting off those extra 2"). I agree that it seems a little wasteful... You'd be cutting off $100 of chain! Your necklace is beautiful! I hope you wear it often. I have loved picking out all my pieces.
  4. That's a great idea, thanks! I love your new charms! I want the dogwood(?). I wear my necklace almost everyday but haven't bought a new charm in a long time, I think it's time!
  5. I got to meet Helen at the Dallas NorthPark grand opening tonight. She is SUCH a sweetheart.
  6. I'm new to HF but know I will be a collector. Here is my new necklace. S is for my daughter. Rose gold snowflake on a white gold dbty chain.
  7. I've gotten several new charms lately. A few months ago BaubleBar had a Helen Ficalora pop-up shop and I got the dog paw print charm (which is precious). The key charm was a gift with purchase.


    Today I got these two beautiful charms which I utterly adore. A star with a diamond and a flower with a diamond.


    A group shot of my collection:

    This is the configuration I'm wearing right now. I couldn't decide if I wanted to wear them all or just a few. I'll probably change it up a few dozen times before I settle on something.


    Here I am wearing it:

    Eventually I want to get the small round ruby charm and a pink gold flower with a diamond.
  8. Here is my early birthday pressie:graucho:
    I have "fur babies", mini schnauzer, Ryker, he is 3 and a half. Also a new mini schnauzer puppy, he is just 6 weeks old and will not be ready to leave the breeder for a few weeks yet. His name is Gabriel. So here is a pic of my Helen Ficalora Rose Gold Diamond Alphabet charms, diamond puppy paw and two diamond by the yard chains, one 20" the other 24". This pic has all 3 charms on one chain, but I am wearing the R on the 20" and the G and paw print on the 24". I ordered another diamond paw print. I also have 6 HF charms in white gold. I love her charms!!
  9. As I predicted, I have been playing around with the combination (and order) of charms on my necklace. I think I finally settled on one that I like for now. Star w/diamond, cross, inital w/diamond, paw print, and heart w/diamond. I also put an extender on the chain so it is longer and am layering it with my bezel set diamond necklace. Really liking this look. I need to get a longer HF chain soon. Bloomingdale's never has any of the longer silver ones in stock when I go. Maybe I should just save up and order a gold one directly from HF. I'd love to get her diamond by the yard necklace eventually.

  10. That is pretty :smile:.
  11. Here's a pic of my new HF worn layered. I love them!
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    Yours look great layered like that.
  13. I love your choices! On my last visit to HF, I almost walked out the exact 2 pieces you picked...somehow i went home with something else. The dogwood w/the diamond is on my (long) list of "suggestions" to DH for our anniversary.

    Your charms look great!
  14. Very pretty!