Show me your Helen Ficalora jewelry!

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  1. Love! And the turtle is sooo cute!!!!
  2. Anyone i have ever talked to at helen ficalora has been amazing. They will even send your phone a picture of what you have in mind, just so you can see how the charms look if theyre not on the website:smile:

  3. AHHHH!!!:woohoo::yahoo::happydance: That's so awesome I didn't know that, thanks for sharing this!

    I deposited my first paycheck this past Friday so I'm planning on calling tomorrow when I get off work to order it! I decided on the single diamond initial in YG and the 24" twist chain in WG for now (along with the WG and diamond horseshoe pendant I already have) to get started and am saving the rest of my check (besides what I'm throwing into savings) for my trip to Dallas (and another charm or two at the Dallas boutique!).
  4. That sounds gorgeous! Post a pic when you get it!!

  5. I got the 20" inch diamond rosegold chain and I really wish I got the 18". Depends on how you are wearing though. I have issues layering with my other necklaces that are mostly 16". It's a beautiful chain though.
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392255127.076006.jpg
    Here it is; I'm so in love with it and so glad I want with the 24" twist chain! I will post one of it on later when I get the chain. Thanks for letting me share!
  7. When I get home^*** whew it's been a long week already
  8. It's beautiful!! :smile: i love her jewelry. The twist chain is so pretty in the white gold, ive only seen it in the yellow.

  9. Very pretty! I can't wait to seeing a modeling pic!
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392396187.105835.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392396224.086303.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392396297.508821.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392396327.812806.jpg

    I tried to get it in several types of lighting to really show what it looks like but it didn't work out so well. Please excuse the tshirt too, I'm just doing housework, lounging, and taking care of my horse on my day off so there was no need to dress up today but it is SUPER cute with sweaters and tanks.
  11. I thought I might be underwhelmed with it when it finally got here or after wearing it for a few days but I seriously am even more in love with it because it's so wearable; and the line has this heirloom yet modern casual vibe. I just don't know why I didn't join the HF fan club sooner! Can't wait to see her boutique in Dallas and spend the rest of my first paycheck there (where I can pick out the charms in person! :smile:)
  12. Thanks!

    Does anyone know if she has a wishbone charm at all? Just out of curiosity.

    My next planned ones to get are the key, sailboat, and "&" in diamonds. I have a feeling I'm getting the key from my parents and the sailboat from my sister for graduation though because they've been dropping some weird hints when I've mentioned getting more charms.
  13. Hey everyone I need some help choosing between 2 charms. Does anyone have a problem with the charms being too small? I wanted to get the palm tree disk charm but saw that it's only 15mm so I wasn't sure if that was too small for a more "complex" design? Would the palm tree even be recognizable in something so tiny? The horseshoe is a simpler design so it might suit the size more? I've always wanted a palm tree pendant though and the palm tree is less expensive:

  14. I think it may be fine. I like when she makes pendants that are just the object..:like an actual palm tree pendant.