Show me your Helen Ficalora jewelry!

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  1. I LOVE the horseshoe!!! Looks great!
  2. I have some initial charms and a diamond by the yard chain from her, i have a mini ladybug too and its very very mini! Way smaller than i expected but its still cute. The horseshoe abd palm tree seem bigger than the ladybug thou. Good luck:smile:!
  3. The initial charms are about the same size as the palm tree charm. Do you think it's too small?
  4. Not if its the same as the initial charms. My ladybug is about half the size of the initial charms, maybe even more than that!
  5. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, I just ordered the palm tree disc charm! Can't wait to receive it!
  7. Just found this pic I had saved on my computer of the palm tree disc charm. Have been wanting it for a while now!

  8. Beautiful story and beautiful jewelry. I am wondering about you gold twisted chain... I am looking for something similar. Any ideas where to find one? I have one in white gold from more than 8 years ago, and they no longer carry it. Your seems to have much shorter links. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Here's mine in silver - my initial and the bee - long story with that. Love this piece!

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  10. Just received my palm tree disc pendant!


    What do you think?

  11. Looks very nice! The pendant is the perfect size!

  12. Very nice. I love HF. I have a number of her charms and her dbty chain. Her store in NY is not that far for me but somehow I've never made it there and I don't know why! I'm so glad people are posting on here again!
  13. Thanks, guys! I looked back and my first post on this thread was from 2011! So I've been wanting one of her disc charms for 4 years now! It's been a long time coming!
  14. Reviving this thread!

    My yellow gold ball chain broke about a month ago so I got it fixed at the jeweler. Tonight I went to bring the clasp around to the back of my neck and the chain snapped off at the clasp again. Instead of paying for another repair I figure I should just invest in a new chain for my HF charms.

    My charm necklace is a daily staple so I want to start looking for a new chain asap. Does anyone have a photo of your charms on a dbty chain? I'm curious to see what that would like like! Also, any ideas where to purchase a good quality chain that won't break the bank? Thanks!
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