Show me your Helen Ficalora jewelry!

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  1. I'm making it to the store in person this weekend to pick out my impending Christmas present ... I need ideas! thanks!!!

    Looking at the 16 in chain, possibly the LOVE charm, an initial charm, and the paw charm. :yahoo: I would love to see your combinations!
  2. Ooh that's so exciting. I LOVE her jewelry. When you go to her store you'll see that she really has a lot more stuff than there is on her website. I've posted this before but here's my necklace

    Alphabet charm and dogwood charm with a diamond in gold

    I have since added another letter to it and am one day thinking of adding some of the birthstone charms when I have kids. I also really love her cherry blossom ring and earrings but don't have either of them.

    Just for fun, here's a picture of Blake Lively wearing her alphabet charm necklace. She wears one in Gossip Girl as well.


    Good luck and have fun deciding. Please post pictures when you get it.
  3. Thanks for posting! I love, love the initial charm. I'm planning on getting the initial, LOVE, and a paw. I think. :P For now.
  4. Finally made it to a Helen Ficalora in person and there are so many more options than the website. It is heaven. I asked why they don't have a better website (or online ordering) and the salesgirl said that Helen's husband is the webmaster for her site and hasn't been on the ball about updating. But she agreed that they definitely need better web options. Also, there are supposedly a ton of charms coming out soon, before the holidays.

    I only bought the 16 in chain because I needed a chain anyway, and I figure it makes it easier to ask for the charms for Christmas, right? ;) The packaging couldn't be cuter.




  5. I'm so jealous!! I've been wanting one of her necklaces for years, I just haven't made the leap yet. I live nowhere near a store and would just be ordering online, I think that's what is holding me back. But every time I see someone wearing one of these necklaces it reminds me how much I still love the look of it. Love the packaging too! Congrats!!
  6. I wish she would open more stores ... or at least carry them at a boutique! The story was SUCH an eye-opening experience, to touch and feel, and see the variety. The website doesn't even show a fraction of what's really available. I walked out with a wish-list of charms that I'd never even see on the website! For instance, there's a really bohemian-looking rose charm (same size as the initial), that is so amazing.
  7. Here are my charm necklaces. I have one initial for each daughter and a star charm. Sometimes I wear each initial on a seperate chain or sometimes I wear them both on one chain and layer the star. Everything is in white gold, although the pictures make it look a weird color.

    I am actually thinking of adding a tiny flower charm to each initial. I wanted to do this in rose gold since both are girls. Would that look weird to mix the white gold and rose gold?

    Thanks for looking!!

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  8. I LOVE how you have two separate necklaces! I hadn't thought of that combo ... hmm, perhaps someday.

    I love the yellow and rose gold together - that is what I'm planning on doing.
  9. I know what you mean about wishing the website were better. I was in New York recently and stopped into her store and was shocked at how many more pieces she sold. I asked the SA there and she said they were "working on it" but had no idea how long it would be. While I was there a photographer was picking up one of each of all her jewelry pieces to take a picture of so maybe those will end up on the website. I spent over an hour in the store looking at everything and then ended up getting something that was on her website anyway (another initial charm). I do want to add more to my collection in the future though so I will be waiting for that website. I hope more people post pictures! Littlejules what is on your list of things to get?
  10. I love the look of rose gold with yellow. What do you think of rose gold with white gold? The reason I ask is because I mostly wear silver and white gold and I thought if I get the initial charm in rose gold, maybe I could wear my silver jewelry with it. Or I might just get the initial charm in white gold. But I think it looks the best in yellow gold, but I don't really wear any yellow gold anymore, lol. So much to think about...
  11. I think the white gold would look nice with the rose. Go for it!

    I'm thinking about an initial, the bohemian large rose (both in YG) and adding a bone charm (cutout bone, not on website) in rose.
  12. That is the cutest little packages I've seen!
  13. Those are really great! I've seen many celebs wearing her jewelry and love it.
  14. I have to say I'm intrigued to get a alphabet charm. Just to bad I can't buy them here in Europe :sad:
  15. I love Helen Ficalora. I have the 14K "K" charm in diamonds with the "lacey" chain.
    I love it and wear it all the time. I also have the dog paw charm and the flower.
    Sometimes I wear them all together but I prefer to wear my "K" charm solo!

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