Should I sell my M/L Chanel caviar flap for a Love Bracelet?

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  1. Isn't that the truth! :biggrin:

    OP, what have you decided?
  2. Hubby told me "he's taking care of it!" I did confess to him though that I don't FEEL like parting with my Chanel flap. He said to just keep it and decide in April whether or not I want to sell it. I have that feeling that I don't want to part with it because the size is so chic. We'll see.

    We'll find out on April 25th. I'm due back home to the States then! :smile: Long wait. I hope it's worth it.
  3. I agree with the sentiment not to get rid of what you have not only because of lost value but because it's such a classic. The fact that you don't use it *too* frequently just means it'll stay pristine and beautiful :smile:

    In time a beautiful love bracelet will come your way, price increase or not. I'm sure of it!
  4. I would keep the bag also. It sounds like you do like the size and your hubby said taking care of it so that sounds pretty good. I sold my black caviar jumbo last year (early 2010) and I am kicking myself. I will not be selling any more bags because if you change your mind later the price now is insane and going up, up, up.
  5. Well if you haven't made a decision yet - I would keep the bag. Love bracelets went up in price so if you didn't sell bag yet - not worth it to do it now.
  6. I love love love jewelry and love love love Chanels! These are my two biggest vices. What a dilemma you have.

    Since you don't use the medium caviar that much, I would suggest selling it to fund the love bracelet. Much as I would love to keep them all, I am selling a few Chanels currently myself as I just don't use them and there's no point in keeping them no matter how pretty they are.

    As for the evening bag, if only Chanel would do, I would suggest getting the Timeless Classic Clutch further down the road when another party or wedding comes up.

    Keep us posted!
  7. keep the chanels they are timeless classics you will regret selling them everytime you see one. Be patient the bracelet will be yours someday.
  8. That is my Truly Scrumptious (kennel name) Havanese puppy girl! She's 10 weeks old!
  9. bracelet! i have been wearing mine everyday for over 10 years. (2 of them) they are irreplaceable. bags come and go- cartier love bracelets truly last forever....
  10. ^^^AHHHH!!!! Chittychitty bang bang!!!!! LOVE that movie! Classic!
  11. Hi MissD. I love Chanel handbags and I love Love bracelet too. I used to be a Chanel Jumbo XL girl but then as I growing older, I prefer the M/L size. I think my black classic chanel (lambskin) is my best invested handbag. Since you saying that you don't have other dressy handbag, I strongly think you should keep the handbag and fund the love bracelet later on. ;)
  12.'s a classic all right! ;)
  13. Don't sell it! The prices of Chanel is just going to keep on going up. I know that you don't use it so often, but it is such a classic piece.
    However, I have to say that I wear my Love bracelet everyday and I have only used my Chanel 227 reissue in patent leather only twice in 5 months.

    Make sure you really think about it. I sold my Classic Jumbo and totally regretted it for a really long time.
  14. Another vote to keep the Chanel bag. Prices are going to keep going up. So if you regret it down the road, you are going to pay more to replace it. A Chanel bag is like an investment. Plus it is your only dressy bag. Even though you don't use it a lot, it is good to have. A jumbo is too large to take to weddings, special occasions, etc... You need a pretty, smaller bag in your collection.
  15. Thanks for all the feedback guys.

    My hubby said to "not worry about it anymore". So I *THINK* (I don't want to jinx myself) that he went a head and got one for our 3-year anniversary. I don't want to keep pestering him too!

    He told me that if I did feel "guilty" about a big purchase like this (because just this Valentine's Day he got me a Tiffany diamond solitaire + MacBook), I can sell my bag and just put the funds into our joint account. He's not pressuring me but I'm the type that will mull around and feel all bad about it!

    I'll update you guys when I'm back home in the US! Right now we're both in China so biting the bullet had to be done internationally!
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