Should I sell my M/L Chanel caviar flap for a Love Bracelet?

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  1. I've always LOVED the Love bracelet but there just wasn't a good time to one previously. NOW with the crazy price hike, it's lit a major fire under me! Plus my shipping address is in Michigan so buying from say NYC avoids tax!

    Anyways. I have a jumbo and an M/L....the M/L I feel I only use for weddings and special occasions (like dressy dinners out etc.). Last time I used my M/L was January 2nd 2011 and before that was like May 2010! I know this because I used them for 2 weddings! I have to add though, other than the M/L, I have NO dressy bags. The others are too large for special events (is the Jumbo "too" large?). I'm scared that if I do get rid of it, I'm going to regret it badly!

    Another thing is, I wished I had bought the M/L in lambskin... Should I sell it, go for the Love Bracelet, and find an M/L in lambskin that's preowned down the line? Is it hard to find this combo in SILVER hardware? Maybe a 226 reissue would be good...

    What do you ladies think in terms of overall value? Chanel M/L Black Caviar vs. Yellow Gold Love Bracelet? I'm stumped. I HAVE 1 DAY TO DECIDE! I'm such a procrastinator!
  2. Hi MissD,
    i'm a big believer in getting the most bang for your dollar. So I would definitely sell the M/L chanel and buy the love bracelet, the bracelet is something you will wear 24/7 and get much more use/dollar.

    If you wanted to buy another evening bag after buying the Cartier bracelet, why not check out something less expensive because you're not using it all that much. perhaps BCBG? they have nice evening bags and it will save you money on a purchase that you wont wear more then 2-3 times a year!
  3. Thanks for your comment.

    You're right about getting another brand or style of evening bag. It's true, I haven't used it much at all...feeling like I'm not getting the biggest bang for my buck with it. I think I learned my lesson in a way, with evening bags, I am not going to overpay anymore.

    The M/L is a great classic bag, but it doesn't really fit much for daily life at all....Le sigh! But it's sooo beautiful though!
  4. I really love my jewelry pieces, but I could never bring myself to part with a classic Chanel. Ever. For any reason! That bag never goes out of style. Ever. I'm just saying....
  5. That's so true as well!

    Argh...Damn Cartier and their marketing ploys! Hehe.
  6. This is tough as I love jewelery more than handbags BUT I prefer Chanel over the Love bracelet.

    However, since you have the jumbo already and seldom wear the m/l, I think it's better to sell the m/l and get the Love bracelet. I agree with candice about getting the most use for your dollar.

    You can get something else for an evening bag. A WOC or even a vintage flap that doesn't cost as much as a m/l.

    Or if you can get a great price for your m/l then you could have both the bracelet (pre-owned) and a vintage flap. Best of both worlds!

  7. for diamond yes, but not for gold bracelet.
    resell value of Chanel flap is way better.
  8. Thanks for your input!

    I don't think I'll go preowned for jewelry. I'm kinda superstitious that way! :smile: But bags, it's A-OKAY.

    Do you girls think it's silly for me to buy the bracelet now but have to WAIT until April 25th to wear it? I'm in China working and won't be home to the US by then. HOWEVER, it can make sense too because my 3-year wedding anniversary is May 9th. Hubby said that if I sell my bag, he'll pay for the difference which would be a gift to me. Not very romantic but I'll take it!
  9. I would definitely go for the bangle, if you really want one, will wear it and get your value out of it. I was very much into Chanel for awhile but ended up selling most of my bags. Not into babying things that cost an arm & leg.........anyway, you already have a classic Chanel and a Chanel WOC would be perfect for a less expensive evening bag PLUS you can use it for more casual events also. Best of luck with your decision.

  10. Thanks for your input. I never really thought of it that way. I always thought the regular gold Cartier would be better because it's more attainable than the ones with diamonds hence being easier to resell.
  11. I would sell bag and buy Love bangle.
  12. I think I'd sell the bag, get the bangle and buy a different dressier bag that's less expensive so that if it sits in your closet unused for a year, it won't be a big deal. I agree that Chanel bags never go out of style, but if you really only associate it with being a dressier bag and you never use it otherwise, then it's better to sell it and get what you really want, which happens to be the bangle. Good luck! :smile:
  13. I adore my Chanel flap (mine is the 2.55) but I only use it once in awhile. I wear my love bracelet everyday! Cost per wear - bracelet wins everytime!
  14. This is hard for me. I love Chanel. But I do not wear or like the M/L for myself. If you said jumbo or maxi..then I would have said no way. lol! If you are really not wearing it and getting any use for it, sell it. A good peice of jewelry you can wear everyday. I stopped caring about resell value, what you would get more for. I found I had a bunch of things I didn't really want, but others thought were more valuable. Please get what you love and will wear. I love jewelry, it makes me feel good. I like to have a nice bag hanging from my arm, but I want my arm to bejewlled ;)
  15. Love bracelet wins for me.
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