Should I sell my M/L Chanel caviar flap for a Love Bracelet?

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  1. LOL but the leather is sooo soft and supple. . .

    But I agree with Contessa and Kitsune in some sense. Leather items don't hold up to the test of time as jewelry items do. But if you will find yourself buying another Chanel in the future, I say it won't be cost effective to sell now and buy another later. But if you really, truly, 100% don't want to use or need the bag anymore, then sell it for the Love bracelet. You'll get more use out of it!
  2. The ideal would be to have both, but for me personally, jewellery would ALWAYS take precedence.
  3. Forgot to mention that I do have expensive jewelries way before got my Chanel purses.
    But all my jewelries are went up in prices so much that I can cover all Chanel bags I want...but No, I would not trade bags for my jewelries :graucho:

    As I shared on previous post, buy it right...then you may get back what paid at a later time if not more.
  4. I will definitely go for the bangle as I cna wear it everyday. It's more worth it counting on the amount of usage and cost of the item.

    ANd you have a Jumbo so...... I'll let go of the M/L :smile:
  5. I sold my Rolex yachtmaster to get the yg love bangle in October 2010 & I'm so pleased I did because the price has gone up by £625 and I don't think I would of got anymore for the Rolex if I had waited.
  6. Contessa: Who is that adorable furry baby in your avatar? OMG!!!
  7. get the bracelet!
  8. I would sell the bag forsure and get the bracelet. I'm thinking of what I can sell to get one myself. I want one so bad it hurts..LOL!
  9. Get it for your anniversary!!! Definitely not weird, I'm "banking" a Tiffany sola ring for later! haha...
  10. Bracelet most definitely - you will wear it 24/7 and look fab whether casual or dressy.
    At least that is what I am hoping to do with mine ;)
    I have a vintage chanel caviar as well, and although beautiful - only pull it out for special occasions ...WHILE feeling like i have to baby it.
  11. seconded

    The Cartier love bracelets are over hyped imo and the resale value is terrible.
  12. I think choosing one over the other is a lose-lose situation if you're trying to beat price hikes. Chanel and Cartier have multiple price hikes each year. So if you sell your m/l to fund a Love bracelet now, in the future you will most likely face paying extra to re-acquire an m/l, even if it's pre-owned.

    My opinion would be to keep your classic Chanel and save up for a Love bracelet. :flowers:
  13. let's be honest - both Chanel and Cartier are overhyped!
    Both iconic but both rediculous prices for a leather bag and gold bangle.
  14. 1000000000000000000% love bracelet. I am a bag lover....(as most of us are)...but the M/L is not the most useful size and you will wear the love bracelet everyday. I wouldn't think about the resell value and just do what you want an what you will be happier with long term.
  15. That's a tough decision. I would normally say sell the bag and get the bracelet, but the caviar flap is very classic and you will miss it, plus the price increases from chanel are often and ruthless. IDK. My first advice is save save save. My second advice is go with your heart and do what your instincts say, you will probably be happier this way.

    BTW the jumbo size is no good for evening wear imho, how about a smaller size purse or a clutch?
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