Should be careful when you order on Future Fashionista!!

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  1. No, but there is sort of an understanding that you are paying for the name. Most people don't care because they want a Tiffany's piece. Furthermore, Tiffany's in no way claims to sell a piece at or just above cost as FF did. I think there is a bit of a difference but I understand what you're saying. There isn't much that can be done about it unless you throw money at the problem but it's still wrong. =(
  2. Sorry Ladies I live in Canada and ordered a Tahitian pearl necklace in early June of 2010. from FUTURE FASHIONISTA. I will never order from this company again nor would I recommend it to anyone,,here is my story I asked Elena to have it ready for my birthday..she said it would be sent to me by 24th of June well July comes and my credit card has a charge on it, but no pearls ..I call and call no answer ..than I check face book and to my horror there she is with rash and all.. complaining on face book how sick she is.. she has time to blog but no time to make my pearls so in the mean time I had to send her three threatening emails saying the credit card company is now going to investigate her ...don't you know end of July I get a package fedexed to me with pearls in toilet paper and her saying how sick she was and how sorry she is for my wait blah blah blah and some story that the package she sent was stuck in the safe of the US postal service..I did get it and it took almost 2 months to get. I had evaluated and it was more than what she sold it to me for, and I am happy... but I was pretty aggravated and will never I repeat never order from her again it was so stressful ...even though she seems so nice but business is not her forte so order from another firm anyone else but her. Another friend of mine tried to contact her before Christmas and said she did not answer her back, so she ordered her pearls from Pearl Paradise and got it two weeks before Christmas and it is nicer than mine,,,you get what you pay for in life too bad.
    If Elena was more organized she might be successful I guess she is challenged in her priorities and does not care about her clients or any bad publicity she will get. It will catch up with her , karma always does.
    btw ANY credit card company will investigate anything that you buy, in good faith that you have not gotton you will have to wait like 4-6weeks... so the amount is on your card stays without interest you do not pay for it because it is in dispute till it is settled and if you do not get the goods it is refunded to you as a fraud amount. So Elena wake up honey and smell the java and get those orders out and be honest because the viral world is watching your every move and this simple blog could put you out of business.
  3. oh great! i just now stumbled upon this thread and feel sick! i have ordered things from Japster/elana, nothing as pricey as some of you have, but, a pearl tin can necklace just this past year and some earrings. Oh, and of course, when we did those gold purse charms a few years ago, i bought one of those from her also.

    I can't read through 65 pages at this point, can I just get a quickie explanation here as to what finally happened? i am in shock!

  4. I think nothing has happened really. She is still not responding to anyone.

  5. She does her own blog I think - not sure why she's updating it -- interesting. Maybe she is selling somewhere else and maybe it's for eBay?
    She's moved onto chickens though so not sure why she still cares about pearls...
  6. i don't think she's moved on elsewhere as far as jewelry is concerned. her january 4th "outfit of the day" links to *****************.com to buy her jewelry. of course, though, her FF dot come site is down though.
    why link to it if it is down?
  7. Wow.. the site is down. She must've read this thread...

    I did aswell - and I'm in awe, really...
    Somebody who was so well-respected and trusted turns out to be a scammer? Wow. How very sad.
  8. As far as I know she is still selling pearls. She has an ebay store and from what I remember she has a jewellery link somewhere in her chicken blog as well.
  9. It didn't for me. Loved the necklace but could not find the link you mentioned.

  10. i can't believe this, why hasn't she come to discuss this with us? She was a doll, and such an active member here, this is very upsetting
  11. I'm really sorry to hear about the poor experiences with Elena. I don't know her personally, and I was looking forward to purchasing some pearls from her. But now obviously that's not the case anymore. I'm glad this thread did come about so I don't have to go through the stress of a bad experience. Just sad to hear that so many people who have had emails/calls/messages never returned and no merchandise with charges on their credit card.
  12. She was banned.
  13. Yeah, after reading to page 35, I see she was banned, but, this thread was around for quite a while before she was banned and she never came to explain anything. Very disappointing for a long time member whom I liked so much and had dealings with myself to turn out like this. makes me very sad, guess you can't trust anyone at all
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.