Should be careful when you order on Future Fashionista!!

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  1. from what i have read here, and from what you all are saying with her blog, it just sounds like she has chosen to ignore all of the complaints against her and ignore her customers' pleas for refunds, communication, etc. and just continue on with her life.

    imo, that's the worst! to just act as though nothing has happened sickens me even more than her fraud to begin with. i truly hope that whatever happens in the end, you all get your money back or some sort of justice to her illegal and fraudulent behavior.
  2. I am not even going to get my pearls appraised, I got a good price on them, they look pretty and I am going to just stick with that. I looked through my files and I purchased more jewelry from japster than I originally remembered, not sure how I will feel about wearing them anymore, even though I know the gold earrings are ok (i had bought at least 5 pairs from her, wearing a pair now), it somehow feels all tainted now
  3. ^Please don't stop wearing the pieces just because of what happened. Many people have had excellent dealings with Elana and have received gorgeous pieces that are exactly what she said they were, if not better. If you stop wearing the pieces you bought then it just turns them into a big waste of money, which would be sad. You liked them when you bought them and I'm sure you still do, so please enjoy them. There's no need to stick them away because of this.
  4. ^ita!
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    This post is very interesting

    xxx hi! Please no links to other forums. I've read that thread though and I'm not sure there's any different info there{?}
    Perhaps just copy the post here w/ a credit back w/o the link?
  6. ^being as we are not allowed to post links to other forums I assume the mods will edit your post shortly. That being said I have read through that entire thread and am unsure what you are pointing towards.
    Everything posted there has been posted here with the exception of her new etsy store she is selling jewlery from as of a week ago.

    Also, as to the shared profits with tpf I am pretty sure that's inaccurate. As far as I know tpf and her teamed up at one point for a purse charm but that is the only joint venture she did with tpf to the best of my knowledge.
  7. Bummer. Ran into this thread accidentally tonight. Guess what earrings I have on as I write this? You got it--my ff inside out diamond pave hoops. Gotta say, when I received them I didn't think they looked handmade but they are sparkly and look great on me (I think and my hubby agrees) so I kept them. I also got a good deal on them although maybe not as good a deal as I thought in retrospect after reading other members' appraisal experiences. I think I have decided to wear them happily, not get an appraisal I don't want to hear, and if I lose one, oh well. The amount of money involved is not so troublesome to me but next time I'll buy from the overpriced local jewelry store. I feel so sad for all of us--it is hard to never really be able to trust anyone.

  8. You posted almost exactly what I posted weeks ago. I like my diamond hoops, they are pretty..and I would rather not "know".
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    No no I know what you were saying. Laughing at myself for spending so much time reading thru the whole thread (mostly). Serves me right for not reading tpf for so long I almost missed this whole fiasco!
  12. WHAT? She's back selling on ETSY?
  13. Yes she is on ETSY. She is also selling chicken "original painting splash" paintings that were listed on 12/21/10, and jewelry pieces that were also listed on December 22nd.

    In the link I had posted (which I was not supposed to post. Oops) there was a letter that Jeremy Shepherd (of Pearl Paradise) forwarded from the Cultured Pearl Association regarding her misrepresentation and "falling off the face of the earth" as she is not responding to pearl dealers she worked with
  14. The post you are referring to was said to be coppied off another forum. This was the forum. The letter was posted here pages ago.

  15. What's the seller name on Etsy?
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