Should be careful when you order on Future Fashionista!!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I hope this is a good place to tell you all about Elana and you all should be careful of ordering on FF!!!

    Here is my story:

    After reading her topic about pearl and how members rated her, she has really good reputation about doing business and also her pearls. I ordered on her website a long pearl necklace on August 10th.

    Since I ordered the necklace on August 10th, I waited for 1,2,3 weeks but she has never emailed me and I emails her several times and tried hardly to call her at anytime but never got her response. After 2 months, exactly I got my bill today and saw that my credit card has been charged and I have neither got my pearls nor her emails since August 10th.

    Before creating this topic, I tried call her again to let her know that she has charged my credit card and wanted to solve problem between us but as usually, noone picks up the phone. My patience is over and let all of you know about her.

    Thank you for reading my topic and hope I am only her victime and no more all of you will be.
  2. I am so sorry. I hope that you are able to do a charge-back and get your money back. While many people did order from Elana in the past with wonderful results, it seems something has changed within the last year and many people are finding her unresponsive or that ship times take forever. I did order from her once, and while I was happy with the product, I was concerned that it took over a month for my order to reach me. Upon learning more, I found that it probably went through someone who knots pearls for her who lives in TX (Elana is from WI, but my package was post-marked TX). Regardless, not that this makes things any better, but it appears that a number of people have had much the same experience as you lately.
  3. I am not sure of the specifics, but Elana was taken ill and hospitalized. It is possible someone else was handling her business affairs while this has been going on. You may wish to take this into consideration, though I am sure your situation is very frustrating for you.
  4. Sorry to hear about that.. I hope she can get this all sorted out soon
  5. Wow, I was just about to place an order for the freshwater long strand when I saw this. Mistikat, thanks for the update. This didn't seem like Elana at all. I hope she recovers soon.
    OP, sorry for your frustrating wait. I'm sure your cc co will cancel transaction if you decide not to wait any longer. Good luck.
  6. Sorry to the OP about your frustrations, don't give up on Elana, she really is a gorgeous person. If you are able to, read her Facebook page and you'll see what happened to her!! omg!!! Not trying to diminish your experience, just thought i'd highlight her problems of late... best of luck to you; hope you are able to sort this out to your satisfaction...
  7. Thank you all for your comments!

    I knew she was in hospital as she said on facebook after looking for her. But I found out on other forums that she had told a lie about hospital, shipping or other things to many members and customers.

    I think if she has been sicked, she could not carry her business, she should close out or just leave a message on her website so we all know about but I still see that her blog updates almost everyday but I do not get any her response. It is very bizarre!!!!

    I did contact with my credit card company and they will try to do something and contact with her "company" but they said they are not sure if I can get my money back as I live in Europe.
  8. If some of you want to know the truth, you should go to pricescope. Thanks!
  9. I read all about her on pricescope also, after emailing her numerous times about a bracelet with no response. Thankfully I never sent her any money. Most have concluded that her claims of illness were all lies, sorry but I agree and would never purchase there myself.
  10. Without getting into specifics and revealing her personal information, there are photos of Elana documenting her illnesses on her private Facebook page. You can't fake that. Sorry, but you got some bad information; Elana has indeed been ill.

    I do hope you get your situation worked out.
  11. well even if it were true, when you have a business like that and you have taken people's money and owe them a product, you should have SOMEONE available to either mail out the packages or do refunds or at the very least, respond to emails. the problem a lot of people were having is she was well enough to update her Facebook about personal things but not respond to anything business related. JMO.
  12. ^ I agree with this. If a person cannot maintain a business, then either their site needs to be temporarily closed or they need to have someone dependable handling the business. The website is updated often, leading people to believe that while someone (whether Elana or otherwise) has the time to do that, apparently no one has the time to take care of actual customers. Elana has/had a very loyal following, and she is squandering her good name. I cannot speak to whether she is ill or not, but there ARE appropriate ways to handle a business if the owner cannot run it. She would have been better off to put a note on her site explaining the situation and either not accepting new orders of having someone else accept and process them.

    Many of those who believe Elana is a good person and has been ill still will never reorder from her because this situation has proven that she sometimes makes poor business decisions. People don't want to take chances with hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars and gamble whether they will either receive their product or have to file a credit card claim to get their money back. I understand that an online business is not first priority if a person has health issues, but someone with a hard-earned reputation for quality merchandise should have the foresight to temporarily close that business if they cannot fulfill its obligations.
  13. Of course you can fake those pictures. Put a cotton wad into your chin, and then add som red colour onto your skin. I am NOT saying that is what happened. I am only saying that you can fake a picture.

    I´ve also read everything and I´m shocked, to say the least!

    I once bought a pair of earrings that were valued at only a 10th of what I paid.

    I hope everything gets sorted and you all get your money/merchandise, and that Elana comes out ok, what ever her reason may be.
  14. Lovely, I hope I'm not out of line asking here, but were your earrings estate or antique items or were they new earrings that Elana created?

    I've spent a ton of money at FF, and this makes me feel really queasy.
  15. They were new ones, created by her.
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