Should be careful when you order on Future Fashionista!!

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  1. this thread is so disturbing, i have nearly purchased items more than once but something always came up...

    to think she was scamming from time to time, has been caught, and is STILL SELLING is...just horrible. her etsy store has the same name, FF, by the way, and she is still on ebay

    thanks to the wronged persons (esp gga, just heartbreaking) who shared their stories in this thread, and have prevented a few others (esp myself!) from repeating mistakes.

    i don't understand how she can continue as though these things were not brought to light? as though she has no conscience.
  2. I was curious and just now went to Etsy and put "Future Fashionista" in to the Search and the only company that came up with the name Future Fashionista is one that is selling baby clothes.
  3. Ahhh, I see .. her name on Etsy is all together as one word .. not two words. Thanks!
  4. I'm sick and in need of help. I STILL want one of her tahitian strands. *sigh* the quality for the price was amazing. I'm still so heartbroken that this all happened.
  5. ^ I agree. Some of the items she sold are really gorgeous and I STILL want that pave diamond Pelosi strand she posted on FB. But now that we know they aren't hand strung by her and instead were provided by a wholesaler, I am sure there are other vendors that sell the same products at similar pricing??
  6. I just checked out her ebay site. She made about 20 less than 5.00 purchases as a buyer to get her rating back up after the two negatives as a seller.

    The scamming never stops.
  7. Bumping for people to keep seeing this thread. She is active on her fb profile as well.
  8. I wanted to bump this thread, and also take the opportunity to thank everyone for all their detective work and info. I, too, had been considering a purchase and am so grateful for this thread (and forum!). Any updates?
  9. Any updates on this?
  10. bump
  11. Any updates?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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