Share your 2020 bag offers!

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  1. Not a fan of the brites?
  2. Wife wants a neutral in retourne.
  3. Ahhhh yea that's all wrong then.
    Thx for the offer though, right hahahaha
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  4. We are only now really starting to establish a wishlist. Wife loves almost all, so SA was taking
    a broad approach and offering us pretty much everything coming in. Now that we are approaching our eighth Hermes bag, we are starting to get pickier. Have the blues covered in Birkins, have the black Kelly and one in sellier Anemone. Now the wife wants something like an Etain retourne. Saying “no thank you” definitely brings in more offers. It becomes like a challenge for the SA that she WILL get us something the wife loves. Turns the whole Birkin / Kelly chase around from us always asking for stuff.
  5. 24/24 29 touch forgot the colour but it was vert something- pass
    Mini Verrou lizard RE- pass
    Mini Verrou croc black-pass
    Verrou in a blue shade - pass
    Verrou clutch blue nord- pass
    Mini roulis lime- pass
    B35 ( didnt ask for the colour as im not interested in the size)- pass
    Cinhetic black- pass
  6. Ugh, I am happy for you and sad for me.

    C24 in Craie I think? Beton? I forget. Stopped listening after Constance. Pass.

    Still no line of sight on my B with RGHW :annoyed:
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  7. It’s in white swift.
  8. I’d pass on all of these too.
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  9. So would I. :angel:
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  10. That sounds AMAZING - I love lizard
  11. I actually love roulis more than birkin and kelly but i have 2 already, and i found these items more expansive in london than europe so its a pass for sure.
  12. I loved it but waiting for an ombre lizard
  13. Fret not! It’ll happen when you least expect it! This H game is all about patience! I’ve been waiting forever for a gold B30 with GHW! Why is it so hard??
  14. This Hermes game is like dating... something magical usually happens when you forget about wanting it. I'm still floored by how for 9 months no quota bag and within 2 months, I had 2 Kelly's...if that ain't some ish, I dont know what is. Your B is on the way. Cheers!
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  15. I got offered a k28 etoupe Togo retourne ghw as well recently. I have an etoupe k25 epsom sellier ghw and it took quite a while to get it too. I have been asking for a k28 etoupe ghw for my mom for almost a year. Seems like it is a popular request. Hopefully yours will arrive soon as I feel things tend to come in batches