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  1. Lime K28 Epsom Sellier w/ GHW - Pass
  2. I really like Etoupe! I think it is a really good neutral--not too cool and not too warm. Goes with everything.
  3. I just got a k28 retourne in etoupe with ghw. They're coming! Stay hopeful
  4. Thank you!!! I got the big sister of yours!
  5. Oh you are the best, thank you!!
  6. Either would be amazing!! Gold hardware is what I would pick too. Can’t wait for your reveal!!
  7. Hi all,
    Sorry if this might be on the wrong thread but I have been wondering if anyone here has heard from their SAs that h will be discontinuing kelly mini ii soon. Tia
  8. I know this may not be a popular opinion but etoupe is my least fave neutral. Etain, gris asphalte, and gold are my faves.
  9. I love the contrast stitching but Etoupe is my least favorite neutral as well.
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  10. Oh my ! Congratulations! Where are you located ? I’m in Australia and we always have so little stock :sad:
  11. Please leave all questions for more relevant threads or chat in the chat thread TY
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  12. #522 Feb 11, 2020 at 7:11 AM
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2020 at 7:22 AM
    White Mini Kelly II Picnic.
    Been waiting for over 6 months for this!
    Also picked up a Etoupe Mini Kelly charm.
  13. That's very interesting when you say you prefer GA to Etoupe becaue they are so similar to me. hahahaha It's almost like etoupe is the GA with contrast stitching. No? Maybe I need to see them side by side. I believe GA is browner? Either way, I can't believe I am even talking about either color at this moment but I have changed my tune over the years...
  14. WOW WHITE??? What leather?
    Can't wait to see this!!! Cngrats on kelly charm too!
  15. Oh yay!!! Thanks for the encouragement!!! Post pics hun so we can share your joy!!!
    Are you loving it so far!???
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