Current bag quota

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    Hi tere.

    Just a quick question as I have been hearing conflicting info about bag quota.
    I read here that it's one birkin AND one Kelly per season. But my SA told me it is one birkin OR one Kelly per season. Which is right?

    I have a very good relationship with my SA and have been offered to place special order a few times so I don't think she is trying to mislead me or anything, but hearing different stories here on tpf.... FYI I'm based in Europe.

  2. I was just at FSH last week and confirmed that it is one B or one K per year.
  3. Per year?? Oh no!
    She said my SA said one B or one K per season though.
    So the policy defers depending on the shop or the country or the area?

    Maybe it's one B or one K per season in Europe and one B or K per year at mothership and one B and K per season in America?
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  4. Hi,
    At my local boutique, it is generally one B or K per account (rather than person), per season, per boutique. The DH and I have separate "accounts" with my local boutique (although we both use the same SA), so i get at least two bags (B or K) from that boutique each season. To qualify, though, there are exceptions to this rule. My account with another boutique (not the same country) has sometimes yielded more than two bags (Bs or Ks, any permutation) per visit. HTH
  5. Sorry for the newbie question, what does season mean? 6 months? I just got my first birkin in September and dying for another one :biggrin:
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  6. Hi nycmarilyn, Congrats on having started down the super-slippery slope of B-obsession! Haha. Approximately, six months. There are two main ones, the Spring/Summer (SS) [typically first half of the year], and the Fall/Winter or Autumn/Winter (AW). In between are the Cruise or Resort, and Pre-Fall. Think for H (at least in my experience only), the focus is on the two main ones ie. SS and AW. HTH!
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  7. I think it depends on the store, location and manager. My store has a policy of one bag per customer per year unless you are one of their "very loyal" customers then if it's available you can have it
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  8. For what I know there is a hidden quota. If you spend over that quota you will be offer a B or K every six months not a year. However there are exceptions especially if you spend A LOT of money on house goods and clothing..over X amount..they consider these buyer VIP and will offer more B and Ks (max 4)

    That's why you see some super rich lady's closet with so many B and Ks.
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  9. depends on the stores, I agree...
  10. Oh I see... So the consensus is one bag per customer per year then. But if you are a loyal customer, you can get one per season and obviously big spenders and VVIP can get as many as they want, I guess.

    Thank you for clarifying this.
    If I'm wrong please chime in to correct me.
  11. store AND customer dependent for sure. a store will have different policies for different customers..thats the way H works in general, from my experience.
  12. I agree it varies and is dependant on store and customer, but generally speaking its one bag per customer unless you are a VIP.
  13. your bag quota is whatever your SA decides to give you. so there is no rule they have to give you one per year or one per season, some people wait 3-4 years! you never know. best is to talk to your SA, and not mention the word quota ;)
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  14. I thought that the official quota was one B or K each 6 mo period (Jan-June and July-Dec). Then much less or much more depending on what they think of you :P ... ! And that they can't track you in other systems (US v Europe v Asia).
  15. Several of my SAs from different boutiques have confirmed that it is 1 b/k every 6 months. There are always exceptions to the rule. It depends on your SA.
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