Share your 2020 bag offers!

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  1. Please share your bag offers in 2020 - specs, did you accept/decline and the boutique/region the offer came from. Thanks!
  2. A new year starts tomorrow - looking forward to sharing the excitement of our members offers.
  3. Keep the offers flooding in. Let the games begin 2020!
  4. Yes keep them coming! I am excited to see what they all are! Hoping I get one too or maybe even a SO.
  5. Thinking about going to my local store tomorrow... hope I can report a nice offer!
  6. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drinks:
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  7. @kathydep - you are on it gurl! Made a new thread right on time. :biggrin:
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  8. #8 Jan 2, 2020
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2020
    B30 noir box phw - Pass
    Kelly cut pink phw (do not know which pink yet) - Yes
    Kelly cut lime phw - Pass :heart:
  9. Blue Electric Lindy 26 touch(exotic handle)
    Sooooo cute! Thinking ....

  10. Wow 3 great offers! Cant wait to see what pink!
  11. omg amazing!!!! please share pics!
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  12. wow please share pic i have not seen one of these yet!
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  13. It is a gorgeous blue! :smile:
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  14. Got offered a K25 Noir, togo, PHW at the brazilian store in Rio. Perfect specs. but it's really small for me.. on the hunt for a 35 or 40.
  15. Amazes me how fast these get posted on IG- this would be the same specs as what I’m thinking about - this photo not mine but found on IG- but I’m going back today to H to look at the one I’m considering again - such a little cutie!

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