Sell Pochette Accessoaire in Damier Ebene?

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  1. I just hoped you had a trick
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  2. Yeah, taste changing and my little girl claiming my bags in the future were two very important factors for my decision ;)

    I live in Sweden, Europe and nothing sells above retail here except for pochette metis haha. As best you get almost what you paid for it. So it is not so nice to sell things. Normally you pay 70-80% for LV and 40-60% for other brands. Which is good for buyers BUT there really isn’t so much to chose from. Looking at fashionphile is like heaven haha. SO much to chose from. But no point for me to buy from fashionphile since we have almost 40% taxes and fees on items from outside Europe.
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  3. I thought you might be from Sweden. Somewhere in this thread you wrote “och” instead of “and”

    I am from Denmark, and I agree with you on the prices being good for buyers.
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  4. I guess it depends on your bag collections. If you already have several or many crossbody bags or clutch that you like or tend to use mores, you probably won’t use this PA often in the future. Can you picture yourself using this PA in the near future? For the use of it, I sometimes use it in my NF in case I want to go out for lunch so I don’t have to bring NF with me. I use it as a crossbody bag when I go to soccer games or running errands. I don’t use it as often either but I really love mine.
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  5. I got this

    In dark brown 1.2 mm, adjustable length. It works well but it is not the best quality if I have to be honest (it's still ok). You could go with mcraft and get a nicer one but their straps are quite pricey now. This one is fine for me. It looks fine and the brown matches my DE PA.
  6. I have plenty of bags in my collection And honestly I do have some bags in my collection that I haven’t used yet BUT I don’t want to part with them since I love them. With this PA it is different, I’ve never felt love for it (not even when I bought it..). I purchased it becaused it seemed such a practical bag and in theory it should be perfect for me.

    But with all input here from TPF I have decided to get a proper strap and give it one more try. An other 1.5 years maybe. Do I still not feel any love it will have to go :smile:
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  7. Haha yeah, I don’t know why I keep on doing that when I write in English. Something wrong with my brain and the word and/och ;)
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  8. Look at the straps by McCraft Leather on Etsy. She makes really nice straps.
  9. I will keep
    Was once upon a time my lunch bag haha
  10. It’s my favorite crossbody bag for errands and everyday bag :smile: I added a monogram strap bec I like mix and match, i also added a gold chain and charm

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  11. I’m sure I do the same without noticing
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  12. I agreed that proper strap would help. Sometimes I use my Mono PA (older version) with Alma BB in DE strap and it looks good together. If you still don’t love it or it doesn’t give you joy, just let it go
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  13. Yes, I mentioned in my post that OP can also go with MCraft which is better quality but their straps are pricey. OP wanted one under $50 which is why I suggested eBay instead. MCraft's straps are $69 now - I have one from them from over a year ago and back then I believe it was closer to the $50 range but they have raised their prices enough to make me hesitate buying from there.
  14. Yes, Mcraft leather is great! I bought there many things. Always great craftsmanship and a perfect match for LV bags.
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  15. I'm glad you decided to keep it, I almost had a panic attack hearing that you wanted to sell it. I wish I had bought another one (I have a 14yr old mono pa) when they were available. In the US, used ones are so overpriced and they are rarely available in store/online.
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