Sell Pochette Accessoaire in Damier Ebene?

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  1. I want the damier ebene sooo bad but pre-loved are expensive (way over retail) so it's never going to happen. All I can hope for is the LV comes out with something similar in the Damier Ebene print that I like just as much until then a girl can dream, lol
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  2. After seeing OPs PA DE, I want one too. :biggrin::lol:
    I only see them on fashionphile and the excellent condition ones are expensive.
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  3. Not sure if it’s too late, but my opinion is not to sell it.

    I was 100% in the same position as you this past fall.
    I bought the PA in DE like 5 years ago and it was my first LV. I used it for a couple months and then moved out of state so it just got stored away and I moved on to other things.
    After moving back home a year ago, I still didn’t pull it out of the closet and finally did a clean out so I thought of selling it.
    I actually found a buyer that was willing to pay around $800 for it. (Mine too is in brand new condition, with box and everything)
    But I had a friend on here that DM’ed and told me not to. She told me it’s out of production and it’s pretty much the most useful piece ever, especially in DE.
    I ended up not selling it and took a couple weeks to think it out. I was in the market for a small bag, so you would think that the PA would be perfect. I think I was just trying to find an excuse to buy something new. Because when I pulled the PA out and put a different strap on it, it became a great little crossbody and I fell in love with it again.
    I would carry my mini pochette to bars and nights out, but it would fit my phone so I carried that separately. Now I’m just going to use the pochette and sell the mini.

    It’s literally such a small perfect pouch.
    It can be used as a small crossbody, wristlet, use it with the strap it came with.
    Or just take off the strap and have a catch all in a bigger bag.
    I love it when I use it as my normal every day bag and then when I want to use a larger bag I just pop it in instead of transferring my important stuff.
    It’s weather proof, and it has rounded corners so it’s not prone to the rubbing issue that the Pallas has. (Trust me I wanted the Pallas bad but I’ve seen too many rubbed corners on them)

    At this point I’m just rambling, but it’s discontinued, so if you ever change your mind you’ll regret it. It’s such a small item to store and it has soooo many uses I think you’re better off keeping it.
  4. Well, aren’t you persuasive here at TPF?! [emoji177]

    I cancelled with the buyer and I am keeping the PA haha. And most likely I will buy a DE strap form LV to go with it [emoji85]

    So much for cleaning out the closet haha.
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  5. You will always be able to sell it later on if you decide it really isn’t a bag for you. I think you made a wise choice :smile:
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  6. I just took my DE PA out to use after keeping it away for 5 years?

    I paired it with my DE Eva clutch leather strap and it was just perfect for me, casual and fuss free.
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  7. Yes, I definitely have to buy a DE strap to go with it. I have a cheap gold chain but it just doesn’t feel right. And now when I have decided to keep it I have to make it work ;)

    And also, something I didn’t say, I have sold my clutch/pouch that comes with the Neverfull. And my NF is DE. Soooo my PA was originally bought to be used like that pouch/clutch with the benefit of also being able to crossbody with a strap, i.e. catch all + clutch + mini crossbody bag.
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    I’ve been trying to find one for months too. I’m glad you decided to keep yours.
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  9. I don’t care for the pouch that came with my DE Neverfull because it is too thin to be useful for me, so the PA comes in handy as a replacement.

    I think you made a good decision.

    Side note.... Has anyone found a good strap to use with this DE PA? Looking for one that is the dark brown leather and under $50.
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  10. I like the straps from Mcraft Leather on Etsy. Great quality, and you can get thinner or thicker options in the brown coated leather and the u shaped clasp which is perfect for the LV bags. They’ll also customize the length.
  11. I’m not a fan of the cheap gold chains either, but tried the Eva gold chain with my PA and love it. It’s great crossbody, but I really like to use it doubled up as a shoulder strap.
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  12. I too have one that I never use, but I decided to keep because it's discontinued, and you never know how your taste will change over the years.

    Also fashionphile was offering between $500-$550 for them not too long ago (because they were listing them at over $700). So I think you can always sell later if absolutely necessary.
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  13. YAY! I’m so glad.
    I think you’ll find a good place for it in your collection.
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  14. How do you remove the gold chain? My mom has the mono Eva, which she bought in 2008 and you can’t take it of.
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  15. You are right, you can’t.
    I meant the Felicie gold chain strap, not the Eva.
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