Sell Pochette Accessoaire in Damier Ebene?

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  1. I just found one and am trying to decide on a crossbody strap. Anyone have a favorite gold chain company that is decent/nice quality? Or even better, which auth LV straps do you guys recommend for DE pochettes?
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  2. I'm in the same boat. I wish I can order the Felicie strap, I had purchased the Felicie in mono and love the chain but ended up returning due to glazing issues. Love to hear what others have done.
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  3. The Felicie chain. I'm 5'4 and it hits me just right for cross body, and I also love to double it up on the PAs and use it as a shoulder carry.
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  4. Check out the straps on Etsy by McCraft Leather. I use my favorite DE strap on my PA in DE. I don’t like the Felicie chain on it bc the chain digs into my shoulder.
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  5. Check out the straps on Etsy by McCraft Leather. I use my favorite DE strap on my PA in DE. I don’t like the Felicie chain on it bc the chain digs into my shoulder.
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  6. Thank you, I'll check them out.
  7. Good call. I don't have a chain bag at the moment so I have no real experience with it so that's good to know. I remember hearing about MC and having great quality. I'll check it out! Thank you :smile:
  8. I'll see if I can find one! I'm 5'6 so that'll be perfect. Thank you!
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  9. I have the ebene strap. I think it is 16 mm. Love it. Use it for my Ribera Mini as well.
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  10. My SA helped me try severeal different LV straps and in the end I will go for the 12mm adjustable DE strap.

    I tried the Alma bb strap, the unadjustable 12mm strap and the felicie chain.

    I prefer my crossbody bags to fall at the higher parts of my hip so I need a strap around 110cm. And the PA also has this zipper part hanging out from the bag which adds almost 5cm to the strap length.
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  11. I only see the 16mm adjustable ebene strap on the website. Do they have the 12mm at the store (order via SA)? And those of you who have the speed b in DE, how does that strap compare to these straps? Is it too thick? It was nice of your SA to let you try different straps with your PA.
  12. I just measured my strap, and it is the 12 mm, not 16 mm. Also the adjustable.
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  13. My SA is the best :biggrin: I only shop from her, I refuse go in to the store if she is not there haha. (I had one bad experience in the store before I met her and I am quite stubborn haha).
  14. As with anything in life, it's awesome to find someone that you can jive with. You're happy to spend your money and they're happy to help you. It's a wonderful thing and surprisingly not always easy to come by.
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  15. oh no - I hope my mono strap works ... I'm pretty short so it may not ... I'd also like to know where to purchase the 12mm if that's an option because I also don't see on the site? Thanks!
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