Sell Pochette Accessoaire in Damier Ebene?

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  1. I went through my whole bag collection and picked out bags I never och rarely use. To my surprise one of the bags was my Pochette Accessoaire in DE which I’ve only used maximum five times in 1.5 years. It is in like new condition and I thought I would sell it. Of course I found a buyer very quick and now when I am collecting reciept, box and bag I am starting to have second thoughts. Mostly beacause the bag is discontinued and it should be perfect for me in theory. I just don’t know why I haven’t made it work for me.

    So please - hit me with inputs, ideas how to use it and thoughts in general.

    (I have not sold it yet, but will tomorrow if I don’t change my mind).

  2. Wow. I would love to get ahold of that PA in DE! :nuts:
    Although you haven’t used it much, I guess it would be good to sell it; however it is a hard to find bag. If you are selling it I hope you are getting a nice penny for it.

    An idea is that you could try using it with a shoulder strap to use it as a crossbody. I just bought the PA in mono and purchased a mono shoulder strap and I love it so much.
  3. I will get almost what I paid for it. And I don’t need the money, that is not why I am selling. Mostly trying to have things I actually use ;)

    I have bought a gold crossbody chain for it (which is a big too long). This evening I will try to cut the chain and see if the bag feels better with it. But mostly (three times or so haha) I have used the bag with the Pallas Clutch stap (perfect length for me). I actually bought the bag only for crossbody use.
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  5. I have had that piece for 2.5 years, I don’t use it TONS, but it can come in super handy. I have the mono too, but I did sell the DA because that pattern makes me nervous since it is so light.

    I find myself using this piece when I travel. For example, I pack up my Neverfull and then bring the pochette for when I want to carry something light. I put my cell phone, card holder and a few cosmetics in it.

    I also love this item because it’s weather resistant!

    I keep meaning to get an aftermarket crossbody leather strap for it. I refuse to pay $200+ for a LV one.
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  6. Hi Kmora. Sometimes, a bag that in theory is perfect for us is NOT perfect for us in reality. Especially if that bag is super popular on the forum and is also discontinued. (I have learned this the hard way, lol, having to sell new/used once or twice items that are popular but could not work for me. Including PA and MPs). You said you love small crossbody bags but to be honest, the PA is not really a bag (even with a long strap) but more like a big pouch. Maybe that’s why you don’t reach for it. This is a tough decision since the bag is discontinued if you change your mind later. Maybe keep it for another 6 months to see if you reach for it during this period. Good luck deciding.
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  7. I think it’s probably too similar to your pallas clutch. Since you reach out for your pallas clutch more, I’d sell the PA :smile:
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  8. Keep. 5 times is good enough. The bag is no longer produced. Get a better strap for it. It will come in handy. You don’t need the money so keep it.
  9. I would keep it! Give it more time. It's a small item, doesn't take much space for storage and if you sell it, replacing it will be both difficult and expensive. If you still don't love it in a few more years then let someone else love it. I don't think it's been enough time to part with it yet. Give it a little more time......if in doubt......don't!
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  10. If you use a bigger bag for everyday, then try and use it as a bag-in-bag for organization. I LOVE my de PA. I have had it for 11,5 years!
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  11. I would keep it - I use it inside larger bags when I travel - more like a pouch/catch all.
    I also use it for quick errands when the weather is blahhh.
    I too attach a gold chain and wear it crossbody but I remove the smaller strap when I use the long chain.
    Good Luck with your decision.
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  12. Wow, thank you all for your advice!

    To answer some of your thoughts/inputs:
    I use mini bags, small bag and big bags :smile: I try to use all sizes.

    But I do think my Pallas Clutch fills the same purpose and that’s why I never reach for it.

    I tried some mini bags in front of my husband and he actually thought the PA wasn’t really my style.

    I will sell it tomorrow, and I might regret it. Hopefully it is one of the bags that look gorgeous on others but are not for me.
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  13. Girl, it is worth way more than what you paid for it! Especially in like-new condition like yours. You will get way more than retail for it. People are looking for this everywhere. I purchased one of the last ones in the US last year and I had to just through so many hoops to track one down! Never letting mine go, haha. But I use it all the time.
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  14. Honestly I would keep it.
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  15. I sold mine last year and have regretted doing so.
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