Secret Tips for Caring For Your Celine

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  1. Your luggage is an absolute beau!!! If you're looking for the best leather conditioner, Saphir and Colloini makes the best in my opinion. I use it on my luggage and chanel as well. They are pricey but totally worth the cost. I usually recommend people to get the best they can point of cheaping out especially if you have invested so much in your bag already.


    Hope this helps.
  2. Hi-
    Just purchased a Celine Phantom Smooth/Pebble Combo in black! I am noticing some small scuffs are forming, very light but I notice them--probably from general wearing! :smile: How can I protect my bag from water/and scuffing? Should I buy a leather conditioner? And does rain really harm the leather? Its not suede so I was wondering..

  3. I know this is a girly new thread and thank you for the above recommendations but has anyone ever used Apple conditioner products on celine....
  4. ^^^^ "Fairly" new thread.....
  5. Hi everyone!! I just bought myself a Celine Mini in Ink as a gift to myself for a hard year's work :biggrin: I like the bag so much and have only just started using it this week. Just yesterday, I noticed 2 small whitish spots at the bag of my baby :'( Does anyone know how to fix this? It seems like there is discolouration. Also, would it be a good idea to waterproof the bag?

  6. Hi and welcome, perhaps you could rub the marks out with a finger? It looks like it's on the surface.

    Congrats on your Mini :biggrin:
  7. Hi!! :biggrin: I did try to rub it off but the mark still remains...:cry:

  8. I have. Both the Apple cleaner and conditioner. I use it regularly to get jean dye rub off out and then just to keep it moisturized.
  9. Ladies.....especially Celine Baglovers in Singapore. I had some stains on my Luggage mini handle and babywipes didn't help. Went to HOMEDIY and bought this leather cleaner named Selleys and it helped with the stains. Please remember to test it on a small hidden area first. Don't know if its on sale outside of Asia Pacific. But it costs less than Collonil and Apple and also it helps condition.
  10. It costs about S$12.70. Here's a pic. Hope this helps.

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  11. I just got my first ever Celine, a Mini Luggage in Smooth black leather. Do I need to protect or treat it with something first before I first use it?
  12. ^^^I didn't pre-preserve with anything before use but wanted info for the future...if that helps!
  13. Hi!! I have a Question, I have a Phantom in cotton canvas (SS15), and since its my first Non leather bag, I was wondering it there's any product to protect the material? since its in a light color.. I would really appreciate any tip, also if anyone know what producto to use in case it gets dirty.

    Thanks in Advance.
  14. Hi all, I have a Celine trapeze with stamped croc. Sides are suede and i just wanted to ask if anyone has tips on how to clean it..? I had a very bad experience sending this bag in to a reputable bag cleaner - I went overseas for a month and when I came back and collected my trapeze - OMG they stored it poorly ('sitting it on one of its wings') so it'd be some time before I dare
    send this bag anywhere again.
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  15. So I went out last night and stupidly got an oil stain on my Python clutch pouch!!!!:faint:
    Any tips on how to clean it? I'm pretty sure it was olive oil. I tried putting a bit of cornstarch on it when i got home and leaving it overnight but python is very absorbent :cry: and it didn't do anything. Please help!!