Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. Had my first high end shoe find at my Goodwill the other day...Found these gorgeous Prada shoes for only $8! They are in pretty decent shape aside from part of the logo chipping off on the bottom, but I'm not picky at that price lol. They fit like a glove, and the leather is soooo soft! I laughed because these were with all the other shoes, and they had some worn out coach sneakers in the case for $20...totally not complaining!!

    Also picked up these Free People jeans for $8 as well. They button up the front and are high waisted and cropped. I literally went home and washed them, and was wearing them a couple hours later. They fit so well and I've been getting so many compliments on them!


  2. The jeans look great on you
  3. I have the same pair of jeans and love them. I always get compliments. Mine were also purchased at GW. Congrats they look fantastic on you.
  4. I would wear jeans everyday if they fit me the way they fit you. So good! And congrats on the Pradas!

  5. Will be back to comment on all the awesome finds but just wanted to share a cute find.
    This one is for you, Raven :smile:
  6. Ok caved and went back for this. The one I fell in love with was gone, but loved this one as well. I'm going to try and copy the pattern.


  7. They are adorable!

  8. Drooling. Keep us posted on this baby!
  9. Sterling earrings. GW $5

  10. Love it! It's so beautiful!

    Please post if you do manage to copy the pattern.
  11. Thank you!

    Ha really, that's awesome! Yay for goodwill jean twins ;) I got quite a few compliments when I wore them too, and I had looked them up and FP actually makes almost the exact same pair right now with a bit of extra moto detail on the leg (although those are $128...I like my price better lol)!

    Girl you look FAB and should wear jeans more! They are there to make your butt look good hehe ;)
  12. Oh Magda, so cute!
  13. Nice!!!!
  14. Finally, found a Stella McCartney silk blouse! It's from Fall 2012 :biggrin:
  15. This blouse is SO pretty! I love the blue...Great score!!!