Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. Wow this thread moves fast!

    The last thread is now archived, please continue here!

    Post any of your recent secondhand/thrift store/consignment, etc. . . treasures!
    **Please remember that we allow only authentic items on tPF. If you are not certain about authenticity, please do not post it here.
    Also, please do not post authenticity questions here.**
  2. :rockettes:Woohoo......we actually have a new thread started.......again!
  3. All I can say is WOW to a bunch of posts on the last pages of the previous thread!!! (I wasn't sure how comments would flow, so I saved a short list for here)

    Deborah105 - show us your tchochkes (sp?)...many (most) of us love stuff like that...I sure do!
    LisaK026 - stunning Tiffany Christmas ornaments...I'm a sucker for anything sterling!
    Raven - OOOHHH...the bags and gorgeous turquoise/coral bracelet!
    Magdalinka - beautiful bags...I don't think I've seen either label IRL here
    Ladyash - I'm with Laz...find some vintage fox and get warm!

    Sorry if I left anyone out...EVERYONE shops so good and finds fabulous stuff.

    Still tryin' to figure out my top 5...tooooo much good stuff this year.

    In response to those who wanted to see a "family portrait" of my Coach collection...I decided (based on the effort...and lack of would take to stage such a production) to make a Happy Holiday graphic instead. In no particular order other than file names, the ones with round outlines are pre-1994 bags, when Coach (Leatherware) used unique-to-each-bag registration numbers, rather than modern style numbers...or simply a Coach lozenge (or imprint) like the one at the very top (same as in my sig). It's my oldest and HG bag...mid to late 70's. I started collecting in 2002 and have paid as little as $1 up to $50 (it's a BIG briefcase)...and 2 were gifts from my sister who shops garage sales for under $.25 each.

    Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all...I hope everyone's celebrations are wonderful!

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  4. ...and just after I finished the family tree, I did a 3-Goodwill store blitz and bought more...yeah, it's looking a lot like hoarding, isn't it? At least I'm not shopping at the FP stores, right? Though none of these were super-cheapo's, they're all special to me:
    1998 Willis bag in great condition - $29.99 minus $5 off phone coupon = $24.99
    1997 Abbie bag also in great condition considering the color - $16.99
    2004 Hamptons Signature Soft Stripe Demi WITH a picture frame key fob - $19.99
    2004-ish Coach wristlet - $4.99 (got home and realized I already have one of these!)
    Coach dustbag - $3.99
    (I used a $5 off coupon for these lazy to calculate prices!)
    and a 1995 Kit bag - $14.99

    Driving to Naples for Christmas with family and planning to thrift my way back home. Really excited as it's a more affluent are than where I Google map is printed out and ready to go!

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  5. Love the Coach history Christmas tree! You are the Coach Queen :queen:, they are simply lovely.
  6. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT PFF'S!!!!! Just in time for the holiday's; the gift that keeps on giving! A NEW THREAD....:xtree::party::party::dothewave:
  7. WOW!WOW!WOW!!!!

    and ......


    Love it so much!

  8. Love the tree and wow to the new finds! Where do you keep them all? I love the collection :smile:
  9. Hi everyone! Went to Branson Mo for the holidays! Hit the Outlet malls bit did not love anything! Gonna see what the Thrift shops have around here??? It is definately colder here than LR.
  10. The Coach Queen strikes again!
  11. So creative! I love the Coach Tree!
    You make me want to get out my Willis bag (2001 I think??) and use it. That 1995 Kit bag looks like it needs me! :graucho:
  12. Wow! Coach tree! You are really Coach queen!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

    Thank you ladies for all your positive comments about my finds :smile:

    That is an awesome Christmas tree!! Love your newest additions :smile:
  14. I must say I had a very lucky thrifting year and it was hard to chose just 5 best finds, but here they are.
    Best 5 thrift finds of the year 2013:
    1- Hermes Grand Apparat scarf $5 (this must be my most favorite find of all time)
    2- Ferragamo Varina patent flats like new $12
    3- Etro wool silk scarf with tags $3
    4- Alejandro Ingelmo Oscar riding boot brand new $45
    5- Longchamp planetes tote like new $4

    Also among best finds are the Marc Jacobs Italy bag $15, Ferragamo vara belt $6, Gucci belt $4, Ferragamo small bag $5, Gucci (not vintage) canvas bag $8, Miu Miu canvas bag $8, Must De Cartier scarf $4 and many many more...

    Here is to another amazing thrift year!
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays everybody!!
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  15. Great haul. Hurricane Coach is still raining!