Seche Vite dry fast top coat

  1. I need to update my opinon from post #7, last year. I totally love SV now, but it definitely works best with the base coat. Also, I find that if I do a refresher top coat mid-week, it makes my edge lifts I basically just let the manicure wear for the 5-7 days I normally get.
  2. I think my mini bottle I had was bad (very sticky, like spider web stretchy or like rubber cement!) so I got a full bottle recently at Sallys. Hope to try it soon!
  3. I am on the fence about SV. I absolutely love its drying power--in less than 5 minutes my mani is completely dry and I don't have to worry about smudging or anything. The shine is also great. However, the smell is awful and it seems to linger for so long, even though I always paint my nails near an open window. I also hate that it's not big 3 free.
  4. I had to get rid of mine - crazy shrinkage and sometimes no streaks, other times streaks. I don't have time for that so I recently began using the Poshe dry fast top coat.
  5. This stuff is great for fast drying and shine...but as for making my nail polish chip free...i rely on my nailtique for that!
  6. I love love love this stuff!!! I use Orly Bonder as my base coat, and my mani lasts for at least a week! Still shiny and beautiful! I will always use SV it it my HG!
  7. i switch to OPI's top coat for mid week & hvnt had any lifting issues since!
  8. i feel like it shrinks the polish at the tips but it does dry pretty quickly
  9. funny there is a thread on this. i've been buying it for a while. it's the
  10. I love how SV makes my nail polish dry to the touch in an extremely short period of time, but I find that I still get nicks if bump into stuff. I've also noticed my polish chips at the tips of my fingers, and every day I have to repaint a nail or two. But I'm super anal about having my nails perfectly polished.
  11. I have pink and white gel done professionally, then I put nail art on top of that myself. I always use Orly rubberizing bonder to start, and I always finish with Seche Vite topcoat. After I'm finished, no matter what I do, the art always stays on until I decide to take it off. Love the stuff.
  12. i love mine!! i dont use a base coat though. i put some on today over my new polish and no peeling.. i guess i will let you know tom. i have only used mine 7 or 8 times :smile: I only had it a few months :smile:
  13. I loved this top coat but 1 1/2 months later the top coat has gotten really hard to put on really sticky and hard to use. My nail polish also chips must faster now :sad:
  14. This product is definitely HG for me. I have been using it for years. No other top coat gives me shiny, dent/smudge-free nails as SV tc. And I get a full week's mani out of it. Sometimes, I do have occasions where an edge of my polish will lift up slightly on day 5-6, but rarely does the polish come off at that point, or chip.
  15. I think its a good product but its not big three free so I returned it.