Seche Vite dry fast top coat

I initially liked Seche Vite top coat and used this for a while but due to dealing with many of the issues already posted on this thread with the product. I switched to inm Out The Door top coat which works much better. I purchased this at Sally's Beauty supply and Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel top coat works great too with a variety of my polishes.
I love seche vite, but my issue with it is that in order to use the entire bottle, you have to buy a bottle of seche restore as about midway through it is too gloopy. The next best thing I've found is the topcoat HK girl by Glisten and Glow. Super shiny and won't shrink your mani.
I love Seche Vite. My only problem is how to finish one whole bottle! I still have an excess bottle from my salon business but have no idea how to use it all up! Great product just not happy with the packaging it comes in it.