Seche Vite dry fast top coat


Jul 8, 2013
I used to get shrinkage with the SV top coat, but I've learned a way to not get it: don't apply your top coat until your nails are 80% dry already. Then you won't get any shrinkage and your nails will be uber shiny. :smile:

Truth! Once I got the hang of when to apply SV it was a game changer.

Another problem I used to have is that it got thick really quick. I buy that big 4oz refill size and I top off my little working bottle after every 3 or 4 manis and it stays fresh and (mostly) bubble free. I could use the Seche Restore but one of the refills last me over a year and cost wise that was a no brainer. :smile:


Nov 7, 2013
I'm also kind of meh with this top coat. It dries super fast on the nails... and in the bottle. I constantly have to thin it out. Since I've discovered gels, I've been using that as my top coats which makes my nail polishes last much longer. Julep's freedom polish is a nice alternative too but my only gripe with that is it's such a small bottle.
Oct 18, 2013
This is actually the first topcoat that last at work. Normally I would have to change my nailpolish every day, sometimes I had lost half a nailpolish or all of it halfway my workday.

I followed all the instructions about the nailpolish not being 100% dry before adding vite and making sure to butt it all. It works wonderous and it dries really fast

Definatly a recomendation from me and I would buy it again.


Jan 6, 2014
I use a gel base coat, usually Nail Aid 3 Minute Aritifcials, apply the Seche Vite on top of the second coat of color while it's still tacky, then apply another gel coat on top of the SV and it seems to work well. It may not work for everyone, but it does for me :smile:
I'm a nail blogger on Instagram and have used SV for a long time. I have only experienced shrinkage on nails that seem to be heavily painted, I would suggest waiting for it to dry a while before adding SV if you have thick layers of polish on, other than that this is my go to topcoat and would definitely recommend it :biggrin:


Jul 11, 2013
I agree with the ladies who have suggested how to prevent shrinkage, since I rarely get shrinking due to giving coloured polish plenty of time to dry. Another awesome thing about this top coat (versus Poshe) is it dries hard, preventing small scratches, etc that would take away shine over time.


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May 11, 2014
I've used SV TC for the past oh my....I don't know how many years now...FOREVER. I've never had shrinkage issues but it's because I really let my nails dry out a bit before I apply. this i the ONLY TC I've found that lasts more than 1 day in my world other than SOG. Definitely a "go to" for me.


Apr 8, 2009
I have major shrinkage issues with sv and with one color, sv actually causes gross darkness/discoloring. I actually got it to work a little better for me last night. I didn't put sv on the entire nail, I put it on away from the cuticle and not past the tip of my nails. This helped you can see the second layer has shrinkage issues, but you can't see extra space or the tips of my nail. I wish sv wasn't so finicky w my nails. I love the shine and dry time.