Seche Vite dry fast top coat

  1. I love SV, I stubled upon it by chance and got a bottle because it was pretty cheap at that cosmetics fair. Now it's my HG topcoat... it's the only one that prevents all the little dents and nicks from doing anything, but letting your nails dry for half a day... I can do what I want after letting it dry for 5 minutes! And my nails will still look fab after several days. I never experienced the peeling issue even though I apply on half-dried polish. Will definitely buy again and again...
  2. back to love love SV it is like actually getting my nails done professionally. Not sure what I love more the shine or the drying power.
  3. Just concuring that SV is my holy grail of top coats too!
  4. I've been through countless bottle of SV and I don't think I will ever want to switch.
  5. Another lover of Seche Vite. There is no better top coat, period!
  6. a hater over here. I bought 3 bottles. All were thick and impossible to put on. Just made a huge mess and I had to redo my nails!

  7. agreed! :biggrin:
  8. I have it and I used it for the 1st time w/CND Stickey and my nails are "Peel City" after 2days, a chip record for me(oh, I have on OPI too)...don't like one bit!
  9. /\ One thing I will say that, if I apply SV on top of my color polish after it has dried, it does peel like crazy (I think because SV is thicker).

    However, if I apply SV while my color polish is still "wet" and they both dry together, my polish does not peel or chip for days.

    Try that next time and see if you notice a difference.
  10. also I know using a base coat can help as well;)
  11. Ugh.. really late reply.. but if you/anyone else is interested it is a Base Coat.
    It's from a brand called "Creative Nail Design" a.k.a CND.. It usually has "Creative" written largely on the bottle and it's called "Stickey" it's a green liquid. Should be near all the other nail polish at Ulta. ^^;
    I'm not sure if Sally's has it anymore.. they used to.. but the one near my house has stopped carrying them. ):
    Sucks.. cause it's the best base coat i've ever used.
  12. Last night I changed my polish. I opened my bottle of SV dry fast top coat and it was all gloppy and left strings of dried polish on top of my fresh mani. I had used this bottle no more than twice! I ended up tossing it! What a waste of money!
  13. I used it (as part of a routine to try diff ones and find out what they work best with), used it on my NYE nails... Nailtek Foundation II or something base, Nina's Pro and Zoya tips and then Seche. No issues, no chipping yet, and just a bit of shrinkage now on day 2 or 3. I'm pretty impressed! I have my up and down days with it!
  14. love love love love this product! i seriously wont do my nails without and i get SO many compliments on them cause of this awesome high gloss top coat.
  15. For those that hate the thickness of SV, they have a "thinner" product that you can add to this to make it thinner. I bought it and added it to my bottle of SV and it didn't affect the chip-proof factor of SV.

    Just a thought for those that hate it's thickness.