Seche Vite dry fast top coat

  1. ^^I need to find some of that. What's the name of it?

    I love my SV, but it does get thick rather quickly.
  2. It's called Seche Restore. You can use it to thin all your nail lacquers as well.

    *For those in Canada, London Drugs is clearing out their inventory of Seche products (except for Seche Vite and the french manicure colours). I got my restore for $4.50 a few weeks ago. :smile:
  3. ^^^Thank you!

    I'll have to make a point to look for it next time I head to ULTA.
  4. I noticed whenever I use a base coat my nails chip so fast with seche vite as the top coat. I need a new base coat!
  5. O M G why didn't I buy this stuff sooner!??!?!!? I'm nuts for waiting! I have worn SV with two manis now and they are both absolutely gorgeous - no chipping! And they are soooo shiny, oh my goodness I'm so in love with this stuff (besides the smell). I don't think I've ever had better looking manis!
  6. LOVE SV!!! The only top coat I will use! Dries my nails super fast and they always look gorgy!
  7. :d
  8. So I have finally tried this with quite a few manis and I don't like it. My nails chip faster it seems and there is so much shrinkage that my tips are bare by day 2. Am I doing something wrong? It does give a beautiful shiny gloss but what is the point if I have to do my nails again the next day.
  9. same here!:biggrin: my nail polish lasts so much longer my essie over the knee polish has ben on for 5 days and counting!
  10. seche clear is a great base coat!
  11. I am a recent convert to top coat application. I do know this though. I have used Orly Rubberized Base Coat, and a couple of layers of OPI nail polish for years. My polish never lasted more than a couple of days, but now I am using the same Orly base coat and Sinful Colors Nail Polish, and the Seche Vite topcoat and my polish lasts at least seven days. I work in a lab constantly gloving, degloving, and washing my hands. I don't know what combination is making my manicure last longer, but I am loving this combo.
  12. I succumbed to the rumors that this is the best top coat and I am eager to see if it really does work wonders!
  13. will it do ok if one puts it on over their fresh manicure from the salon?
  14. I bought the Seche Restore but I read on the package that it 'contains a cancer causing chemical' or something and now I'm afraid to use it :hrmm: is that stupid?
  15. I very seldom paint my nails because I do so much with my hands that the polish chips immediately. I tried this and my manicure looked beautiful for a week!