Searching for these gucci...

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  1. if anyone finds a pouch or cosmetic case or woc from the green blooms collection, please let me know!!!
  2. Hi there are some green blooms items on Fashionphile if you search ‘blooms’
  3. Hello!
    I've been looking for this bag forever. :sad: Does anyone know where I may be able to find it still?
    TIA! :flowers:
  4. This is a very pretty bag and also a tough one to find... the small size with a strap variation (and sadly no bamboo handle) is available at Harrods online. Its a bit different but it does have that pretty green leather in a Dionysus bag
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    Can someone tell me what the exact name of this Gucci bag is that Kendall Jenner is carrying. I love the angry tiger on it. I cannot seem to find it on the Gucci website. Is it no longer available?