Searching for these gucci...

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]




    Anyone seen this bag in London? Please advise. Thank you ;)
  2. Yay, you started a 'searching for this Gucci' thread

    You do seem to love your shopping totes honey ;)

    I never saw those 'mermaids' in London - they may have been an exclusive. These are 'old stock' now so if you can find a Gucci outlet in Europe to answer the phone they might (very remote chance) have them.

    The Oliver (pug) shopping bag in MM is this seasons. Call any Gucci store and quote the model
    number. The SAs all have their little portable computers and can tell you if any store in London/UK or Europe has one. They can order it for you and have it sent to the most convenient store for you to try. I LOVE that bag.

    The same advice ^ goes for the brown princy tote.

    Good luck!!!
  3. From what I've read, the mermaid totes were only available in Hawaii. I think they've been available in the outlets, but I have no idea if they still have any. No outlet near me, just what I've seen on here. There are quite a few of the mermaids on ebay, try looking there.
  4. Vacaville did have a ton of the Mermaid bags - the white ones -- they still had the Med. Boston one yesterday, but no totes and nothing in the khaki color.
  5. Just a reminder the OP/Odeelia's in the UK :chatty:
  6. Thank you thank you for the advice !!! :smile: really appreciate it. So where is Vacaville? PaperTiger which one is oliver 'pug' ? And yes i'd finally able to post the pictures here hehehe :P
  7. Sorry, I forgot you are in the UK and the Gucci outlets don't ship outside of the US/Canada. Vacaville is in Northern California, near San Francisco - that's where the Gucci outlet is.
  8. The tote with Oliver is the one with the dog on it, he's so cute ;)
  9. I love that tote - it's so cute!!
  10. Here's the model number of the 'Oliver' cutikins tote.

    212374 FVEDG 8571

    Good Luck
  11. I own the Gucci Princy tote. I bought it from Short Hills Mall's Gucci store in October 07.
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    I sold mine over the holidays and regret it immensely. looking everywhere to find the snaffle bit shoulder bag in brown, medium size. Please, can somebody pm me if you know where I can find one. Thank you so much! I am completely heart broken over this....

    Gatecrashing mouse' post!

    This thread is for everyone searching for any particular Gucci item :yahoo:

    It could be a variation of a certain bag, a pair of shoes in a certain size, a vintage piece once seen never forgotten, a replacement scarf, or a bottle of discontinued perfume.

    If anyone has seen the item in a store, outlet, on an auction site, at a concession etc just let the searcher know.

    Whatever the searcher is looking for, it just needs to be Gucci.

    For searchers:

    Please give as much clear information as you can

    Picture (if poss, must be of an authentic example)
    Code (if poss)
    Year issued (if known)
    Size of model when there is more than one
    Colour or colours desired or acceptable
    Condition considered (if still obtainable new) new and/or preloved
    Where you are based US, Canada, Europe etc

    Try not to give whole stories about why you couldn't/can't find the item. It helps promote clarity if just sticking to the bare essentials

    Let the thread know if you have found or no longer want the item

    For helpers:

    Quote the searcher so they (hopefully) get notification someone has a possibly has tracked what they're looking for

    You may chat about the item, but please remember to stay OT

    Just a reminder of stuff you already know - there is no buying/selling on tPF, therefore please don't paste links to your own stuff.

  13. That is so sad! I hope you find one out there. May I ask how you sold your bag? I have a couple of Gucci's I don't use anymore and I want to find the best site that I can keep the majority of the money to put toward new bags.

    I wish one of my bags was one of the ones you were looking for.
  14. Well, you're NOT having mine! :biggrin:

    I do feel for you though, I think we all do those things, it's what stops me having a wardrobe clear out. I don't want to get rid of things just to buy them back, losing more and more money each time.

    Keep checking the usual on-line and brick consignment shops, I am sure you will find one.

    BTW, by brown do you mean Tobacco or Chocolate? Sometimes it helps in search engines to be really specific :yes:

    Good luck!