Searching for these gucci...

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  1. Thank you for that. That’s the smaller size- seems to be quite few of those around. But not the large one :sad:
    I’ve spotted one on tradsey but as I’ve never purchased on there and hear mixed opinions I’m a bit hesitant.
    But I do keep checking yoogiscloset religiously so fingers crossed :smile:
  2. Im searching for Gucci Marmont Chain wallet in black velvet. I saw it in Dubai but I didnt take any pictures. Let me know if anyone see it in Europe. Thank you :smile:
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  3. Has anyone seen an emerald green marmont WOC?
  4. (photo borrowed) ISO the mini dionysus with yellow suede. Thanks in advance!! 01c70884701ec29654d54513030d75ea.jpg
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  5. Guys, I am desperately looking for the Gucci Soho backpack, I know its discontinued already, but I;m really inlove with the style, and can;t find it even on second hand market.
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  6. Hi guys, I have been thinking about purchasing a Gucci bag for a couple of years now and since I have a big birthday (40 eek!) coming up in August I have decided to treat myself. The bag that originally caught my eye was this one, although it doesn't seem to be available anywhere anymore :sad: Just wondered if anyone had spotted it anywhere? thank you in advance :smile:
    Screenshot 2018-06-23 at 19.18.34.png
  7. HI! My latest search is for the Gucci hysteria that was made for a while in a super soft crocodile or alligator. If any PFers see one out there can you let me know ?
  8. Hi all!! I’m dying for these as I saw them recently but haven’t been able to find them in any store. Has anyone seen them recently? If so, please provide me location so I can purchase !!
  9. Have you checked the outlets?
  10. It only came in crocodile (2008).

  11. check the gucci outlet thread. someone posted that there was one available at the gucci outlet in Chicago.
  12. Are you looking for these???
    If so, Contact Steve Alvarez at the Cabazon outlet. They may still be available!
  13. hey dears
    I am desperately searching for the kind of Gucci bag Carrie ist wearing in SATCs season 2. I added a picture and hope, someone can tell me the name of this bag? Thx
  14. Need Gucci lady web in brown suede or leather or canvas :sad:
  15. I’m back and forth with the Gucci Swing Tote. Long discontinued.

    I’m interested in the Black. I think they only came in two sizes—Small and Medium. Would like the Medium.

    I think the red one was more orangey? Would prefer a true red.

    Any sightings?

    Thank you!