Searching for these gucci...

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  1. As part of the AW18 runway it has't come out yet. It'll be at least another 6 months before you see them at Gucci stores. Just keep watching and you will perhaps be able to pre-order it to be one of the first.
  2. Thanks!!
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  3. Oh my gosh, I really thought this was vintage! I’m getting confused lol!
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  4. I know the outlets have something similar if not the same one. I’m just not sure about the size.
  5. You are correct, it will be a reissue, it's vintage ancestor could be picked-up on the resale market too although I couldn't guarantee when
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  6. I actually have one! I think you may have kindly taken a look at it for me awhile ago :smile: you are the best Papertiger!
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  7. My pleasure, you have a great eye. You are ahead of the curve!
  8. Thank you Papertiger, although when you buy EVERYTHING, it’s easy to be ahead of the curve somewhere lol
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  9. I must have bought my lovely GUCCI Pelham large hobo bag over 10 years ago- and it was probably not only my most used but my favourite bag of all.
    However after taking it to GUCCI to be dry cleaned- it got ruined! To the point they told me it was lost and offered a store credit or a new bag.
    But I would still love to have it in my collection. I keep checking ebay everyday to see if one pops up with very little luck (it seems only medium size are available).
    So if any of you spots one somewhere could you please get in touch?

    Thank you so much in advance xxx
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  10. IMG_9492.jpg
  11. Trying to locate this large Pelham. Anyone seen one somewhere please?? Xx
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  12. They just put one for sale in VC
  13. Thanks Doni, but if I’m looking at the right bag, I believe this is the different style of this Pelham bag (more of a bucket style). The search continues :smile:
  14. The one I saw is this one which I believe is the exact one you wanted?
    Looking at it however, the condition doesn’t look great... Which I guess it is going to be an issue with the. non coated canvas.

  15. These pop up from time to time on yoogiscloset and fashionphile. I would keep an eye on those sites. Sorry they weren’t able to help you at Gucci.

    Here is one on the real real. Not sure about sizing.