Scarves - reputable dealers

  1. Hi,
    I'm a Hermes scarf addict. (This is because I can't afford the bags!) Can anyone recommend reputable sellers not on e-bay, but selling online? Has anyone purchased from and, if so, what were your experiences? Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks.
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  2. Welcome to the forum Lolo!!!:flowers:
    I have purchased from luxury-scarves. They are wonderful to deal with. My scarf was in perfect condition.
  3. I have also purchased from
    They were very nice and the scarves arrived in perfect condition.
    I purchased from and they were superb!
  4. Thank you both for your responses.... it is much appreciated. I have always been amazed at how excited everyone gets about their Birkins etc, 'til I realised how demented I get over a new Hermes scarf find. Feel free to continue encouraging me:yahoo:
  5. has been wonderful. Bought a few scarves from them and they came in perfect condition. No boxes but wrapped beautifully. They also have a small selection of vintage scarves for sale! Love them!
  6. Someone else I can totally recommend, but eBay based, is dzwmz, aka Hermes by Zeconda. Absolutely terrific service, very knowledgeable and honest. I bought a scarf from her on a Wednesday night as a present for mother's day (for my mom who is in a different country). It arrived Thursday morning, boite, bolduc and all.
  7. is the same guys as Luxury-Zurich on eBay .... they have a great selection of scarves on their website.

    eBay based, fleursetcarlines is a brilliant seller, her items are A1 immaculate and she has some sought after and difficult to find designs.

    Is there any particular design you are looking for?
  8. wow, very helpful thread :smile: I've been looking myself! Thanks!
  9. I am not really sure whether to thank you all or not! Following your good advices I have picked up some delicious scarves, and I am pondering plenty plenty more: all urge, no restraint! All of the sellers you have recommended have some lovely stock and are clearly great to deal with. has incredible stock but am I reading correctly that he doesn't take credit cards? I am in the sometimes unenviable position of living in South Africa and bankdrafts etc are a real drag from here. On the bright side, I manage to get to Europe a couple of times a year and will in fact be in Zurich quite soon so I can make a plan.....

    flossy, I am not looking for anything special, really, except equestrian ones I don't already have - although I am mad for all of the Phillippe Ledoux ones.

    If I can ask you all a favour - do not, please, get me hooked on the bags or you'll really have me in trouble at the bank!!

    Thanks again, your help is fantastic!:yahoo:
  10. ahhh lolo, it's all downhill (with an Hermes bag at the bottom!) from here!!!

    I'm also a scarf collector (strictly Hermes) with a particular fondness for Annie Faivre designs.
  11. After a mere moment of abstemious behaviour I need more scarves....
    Do any of you know if Longchamps comes in royal blue or green? I've seen pale colours, and a navy before, but I am blonde and pale - nothing like a good shot of Hermes colour to lighten up my face (and wallet!) (sorry, another posting straight after the other - but it's near 10 a.m. here - shopping time!!!)
  12. I've seen it in blue, but not royal blue (I love Longchamps! - great scarf!)........
  13. most definitely takes credit cards, at least via PayPal.
    And I agree with the others, it's downhill from here, there's no way back! Once you're hooked, that's it and the scarves are only just the beginning, the proverbial tip of the iceberg! Welcome to the wonderful world of Hermes!
  14. Thanks Kristie and hello 2703. I haven't tried Paypal for ages - they used not to have South Africa on their list but maybe that's changed.
    And thanks for the warm welcome... although I know that making your acquaintance is going to encourage that downhill trip into Hermes Heaven (the colour of that bag, Kristie! which scarf will match?!)
    2703 do you ride? And do you ever ride with any of your scarves - do tell! (I'll tell if you will).
  15. I'd completely recommend fleursetcarlines, and flossyfigaro for that matter! Along with Luxury Zurich, of course.

    All are fabulous, careful sellers with great personal service.