Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2019 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. This pairs so nicely with your navy! Your new pink acquisitions might deserve a princess of pink accolade?
    Both pair ideally; and perfect lip color as always.
    Your Pivoines is luminous!
    Thanks SO MUCH for the Couvee egg hunt plug! I’m DYING to discover the designs where the last 5 egg details derive.
    I love that you use “lesser” scarves for hazardous duty :giggle
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  2. You wear that twilly better than the H models do!
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  3. Thank you:love::hbeat:
    :heart:Thank you.:hugs:
  4. Thank you!

    Love that pink chasse en Inde!

    Thank you!
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  5. It happened! Pink today. Mostly because this is my standard flying scarf :smile: Tropiques Poiconne.

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  6. Oooohhh - I love that Temari plisse! I am crazy about plisses!
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  7. Those Pivoines! Seriously, why didn’t I buy them?!

    Both are so lovely!

    Ahhh I need to visit that thread. And these look great on you.

    Now that’s a treasure!

    I know most people here showcase scarves with prints, but sometimes these printed ones are a way to go!

    I saw a woman in Paris once jogging along the Seine with an Hermes scarf around her neck! So no use of a Hermes phases me now :smile: and I think of that Chasse en Inde as your ‘signature’ scarf — it seems perfect on you.
  8. Thank you Cookie!

    :lol: I love it on you!

    Thank you kindly Croisette!

    Gorgeous moussie color! (H en Fil?)

    That pink Kachinas is so perfect against denim!

    For some reason, I really loved the Tropiques Poinconne.- beautiful choice for flying!

    Thank you AnnaE!
  9. I am sitting here, enjoying each and every picture! Alas, I cannot add a photo, since I avoid pink anything. Pink makes me look totally and unfortunately bleh, and ill!
    Carry on, all of you beautiful wearers of pink....:P
  10. Archive pic of my most used scarf. Rose compass moussie stole. I love the darker pinks in this one. 10E39B05-EDEC-4800-BEF7-87D651317513.jpeg
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  12. This is so pretty! I miss the mousselins...
  13. It’s warm today! Jungle Love Rainbow Twilly gives the perfect pop of pink without too much weight :heart:

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  14. Thank you!
    Perfect in pink!
    Thank you! Plisses are fun - you never know how they will turn out!
    If it wasn’t raining, I probably would have worn H! And thank you!
    Thank you!
    Such a beauty!
    It’s a perfect pop of pink!
  15. Effortlessly chic!
    Perfect with a white T... makes me rethink my lack of twillies :yes:

    SOTD: Per Astra Ad Astra which makes my heart sing in this color way. I especially like to showcase the kelpie-like creature. While I love it for spring/summer, it makes me surprisingly happy paired with berry in cooler/bleak weather.

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