Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2019 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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    (continued from here )


    Just for fun, each Sunday begins a new Theme Week. This year TEAM SCARF MISTRESS is a gang of FIVE for 2019—plus Guest Volunteers who will host some Theme Weeks from the list below. If you’d like to be a host, start a Conversation with one of us-- @ABQ2ATL @bunnycat, @Cookiefiend,, or our very dear @xincinsin, --by clicking the Inbox in the upper right corner. Tell us the date and Theme you’d like to introduce and we’ll answer questions and sign you up. (We’d really love your help!)

    Everyone on this thread is a Scarfie who loves learning about specific designers, discovering new scarf knots, examining scarf details more carefully, and seeing MORE SCARVES. Even if it's off-theme, your SOTD (Scarf of the Day) is always welcome. Be creative, have fun with the topics, and SHOW US YOUR SCARVES — talk about them and add links to more information. We’re all friends here (definitely no Scarf Police) – so smile at your selfie camera and come play with us!

    THE SILKY CALENDAR 2019 - Our theme this year is Grab and Go – Be Yourself Any Day

    6 Jan 2019 -FIRST- Your first H scarf in any sense
    13 Jan 2019 -BUCKLE UP- Show us your scarf rings and buckles!
    20 Jan 2019 -NEW HORIZONS- Scarves by new designers from the last 5 years
    27 Jan 2019 -WHAT’S MY THEME?- Show us three of your scarves with a similar theme and see if we can guess it!

    3 Feb 2019 -ASIA - China & Japan
    10 Feb 2019 -LOVE IS IN THE AIR- Red and/or Romantic scarves!
    17 Feb 2019 -YOU HAD ME AT CHOCOLATE- Brown scarves for post-Valentine’s choc coma
    24 Feb 2019 -RARA AVIS- Retired/Retiring/Rare or newly introduced formats

    3 Mar 2019 -DRAGON'S HOARD- Scarves depicting jewellery or worn with jewelry
    10 Mar 2019 -INFINITE PI- Circles, pearls and balls
    17 Mar 2019 -MULTI-FACETED- The scarves of Caty/Cathy Latham
    24 Mar 2019 -SPRING HAS SPRUNG- Sunny Scarves with Yellow or Suns on them.
    31 Mar 2019 -SILLY SCARVES- Cute and crazy details; extra points for wearing your scarves with PJs!

    7 Apr 2019 -WEARABLE ART- Scarves which would look great on you or on a wall
    14 April 2019 -FRATERNAL TWINS- Same but not the same
    21 Apr 2019 -MOTHER NATURE- The Plant Kingdom
    28 Apr 2019 -LOVE SHARED IS LOVE DOUBLED- H on pets or inanimate objects (still life from Kelly to kettle!)

    5 May 2019 -WINGS OF FANCY- Birds, butterflies and other winged creatures
    12 May 2019 -BORDER CONTROL- Highlight or hide borders or other parts of the scarf
    19 May 2019 -IT REMINDS ME OF…- Scarves with a story
    26 May 2019 ALICE AND ALINE- Scarves by Alice Shirley and Aline Honore

    2 Jun 2019 -SWIMMING FREE- Fish and other marine creatures
    9 Jun 2019 -CRAZY PASSION- How do you wear your favourite scarves?
    16 Jun 2019 -MONKEYING AROUND- Find the monkey(s) in Annie Faivre’s designs
    23 Jun 2019 -FAIRY DUST- Fantasy-themed scarves
    30 Jun 2019 -THE NEW WORLD- Scarves about explorers or North America

    7 Jul 2019 -RAINBOW- Seven scarves in seven colours (on the 7th day of the 7th month!!!)
    14 Jul 2019 -BASTILLE DAY- Homage to H and French themed scarves
    21 Jul 2019 -SUNSHADE- Scarves for hot days – twillies, twillons, moussies, cottons, gavs
    28 Jul 2019 -FANTASTIC FRANCOISE- Scarves by Francoise de la Perriere, Francoise Faconnet and Francoise Heron

    4 Aug 2019 -RIPPLE EFFECT- Scarves you bought because you saw it on someone else
    11 Aug 2019 -DRESSING UP- Scarves showing national dress, uniforms and even stage costumes
    18 Aug 2019 -A BURST OF COLOR- Your most colourful scarves
    25 Aug 2019 -DOWN SOUTH- Australia/NZ, South America, Southern Africa and the Antarctica

    1 Sep 2019 -A HARD DAY’S NIGHT- Your workhorse scarves
    8 Sep 2019 -GETTING AROUND- By land, sea or air – transportation & maps
    15 Sep 2019 -BEST FOOT FORWARD- What would you wear to lunch at a fancy restaurant or to be interviewed on TV?
    22 Sep 2019 -SUBTLETY- Spotlight on your neutral scarves
    29 Sep 2019 -BEAUTY IN BLUE- Blue scarves or scarves worn with denim

    6 Oct 2019 -LIVE AND LEARN- Share a scarf you learned something about that either prompted the purchase or you learned about it after you bought it
    13 Oct 2019 -FEAST YOUR EYES- Social gatherings and food & drink on scarves; match your scarf to the food or drink you’re enjoying
    20 Oct 2019 -LA VIE EN ROSE- Pink scarves for breast cancer awareness
    27 Oct 2019 -FEAR FACTOR- (Halloween) SCARY OR ICKY SCARVES, extra credit for SPIDERS

    3 Nov 2019 -MAGIC SCARVES- Same knot on different scarves, or same scarf with different knots
    10 Nov 2019 -CAREFREE TIMES- Toys and games
    17 Nov 2019 -SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW- Your changing (or non-changing) tastes in colour, design or format. Show us a scarf you bought early on in your H journey, and a recent acquisition.
    24 Nov 2019 -THE WILD WILD WEST- Kermit Oliver or scarves depicting cowboys & horses

    1 Dec 2019 -FROSTY THE SNOWMAN- Winter fun and cashmere warmth
    8 Dec 2019 -DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY- Scarves with dancers
    15 Dec 2019 -ICE QUEEN- Grey, white, ivory, pale scarves
    22 Dec 2019 -ANTIQUITY- Scarves which depict historical events or were issued to celebrate an important event or anniversary
    29 Dec 2019 -MADEMOISELLE SOIE 2019- And the award goes to… your favourite new scarf this year (plus runners-up!)
  2. Hello fellow Scarflandians!

    We've started up the topic list for the 2019 calendar! Please continue to enjoy the final days of the 2018 thread and get ready for this Sunday!

    @papertiger is obliging us by temporarily disabling replies here until the Sunday topic starts so everyone can get a gander at the 2019 topics and then this thread will open up again. Yay!

    Have fun!
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    Welcome to the 2019 Scarf Thread Scarflandians! It's time to start the first theme of 2019!

    6 Jan 2019 -FIRST- Your first H scarf in any sense

    This week we’re going to start the year exploring our “firsts” with H scarves. Take it liberally and spread it around because that means the first in any sense you want it to. After all, our motto this year is Grab and Go! So a first for you might be your actual first scarf, your first mousseline, first red scarf, first Annie Faivre, first multiple of a scarf you bought, first GM size. Maybe, some first purchases of 2019??? :graucho:

    Whatever first takes your fancy this week, now is the time to show and tell!

    The firsts I have for sharing today are some of my favorite firsts of the past.

    My first mousseline GM was La Rosee and that started a Loooong fall down in to GM madness....


    My first bandana purchase (which was also the first issue of the bandana format) - double first!


    My first Maxi Twilly- Brazil...also from the 1st issue of the MT format...still going strong in its 4th or 5th year now...


    My first “in store” purchase was in 2018 (H-matic) as I usually purchase new items via so that was a real treat for me- Dans un Jardin Anglais


    And more recently, Xmas brought my first C/S scarf- Zebres Bandana


    PS- As I am writing this….I keep double-checking the word first…because it’s one of those days when nothing looks spelled correctly…. :lol:

    Let's get the new year started right and share what firsts you can think of!

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  4. my first moussie and first H boutique purchase for 2019!!
    yet in the box, but already tried on a few times, purchased it yesterday (my xmas pressie for myself, i'm orthodox, today is my Xmas eve) and can't wait to wear it!! :nuts:

    Attached Files:

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  5. My first purchase from - I remember hesitating for days over this. There are several H boutiques in town, but this design was sold out. Two days after I made the order, I received an email asking me to call a US number because I was using a non-US bank credit card. Fortunately, my order was accepted and, after the wonders of freight forwarding, I had my vert amande phoenix.
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  6. Fabulous first ksuromax! Can't wait to see mod shots!

    Beautiful first! (The joys of a successful quest!)
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  7. Congratulations - it's a stunning scarf and I can't wait to see you wear it!
    Thank you too for your kind words regarding my pink parade! :hugs:
    I'm on the hunt for just the right one after @bobkat1991's marvelous post!
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  8. My very first H scarf was the result of my thinking that I needed to step up my appearance - to stop being that plain Jane all the time. I went in a mission looking at style blogs, Pinterest pages and fashion mags. In one of the blogs I found a woman who was building outfits around H scarves - hrmmm sed I. So off to eBay I went (because in the way back there was no way in h e double hockey sticks was I paying full price for a peice of silk - oh how times have changed! ) and searched around when my eye was caught by a pale blue and textured (I had no idea about jacquard) silk - and it had falcons on it! Interesting! The seller was very kind (because I had zero feedback she asked that a buyer contact her) and we agreed on a price that I still think was fair.
    Fauconnerie Royal Deduit
    I love this scarf. The seller disclosed that it was possibly stained on the corners. After receiving it and washing it, it is a little yellow-ish on the corners. I wrote to the seller and told her that I thought the scarf had been truly loved by its previous owner and that now it was my turn.

    Because I didn’t get back on the 2018 thread before it was locked, I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words and likes. You guys are just the absolute best.
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  9. Fabulous start to the year bunny - thank you!
    I didn't realize that La Rosee was your first moussie - talk about starting off with a bang!! tender.gif
  10. What. Fantastic find. I also have a DuJA in a mousse (and 90). It is one of my favorite releases ever...I just wish they would bring in out in a shawl or larger format (heck who am kidding...just re-release it)
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  11. thank you all for DuJA love! :ty:
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  12. First day to wear new MP moussie stole. Wore it three different ways with two outfits as temp jumps from 40 to 60 in three hours.

    Attached Files:

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  13. Squeeee! So beautiful! I love that second tie - how did you do that?
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  14. So are you!

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  15. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s firsts this week. Like @Cookiefiend, I bought my first few scarves off eBay.

    After taking a voyage on QM2, I learned that there was a Queen Mary 2 scarf issued by Hermes in 2004 for the maiden voyage. It was only available on board in the Hermes boutique. In 2009, the design was reissued with no name on the ship. The scarf is simply called “ en avant toute!” Which means “ full speed ahead!”.
    At any rate, I started my search for this scarf in 2013, long after the HA boutique had left the ship.
    The very first scarf I bought was the 2009 version en avant toute! Shown below. The last pic is of the original 2004 Queen Mary 2 version, which I did eventually find on eBay some months later in unused condition.

    I now have 2 addictions: H scarves, and taking QM2 transatlantic to beat jet lag. 3ABE2CD7-4D0A-4F62-9B75-56E59449FB98.jpeg 97A92BAB-FDD9-458A-9807-1E13140C9999.jpeg 4C183E0B-F3E0-4583-B78F-B85FD88F92E0.jpeg DC23AFCA-2F69-4154-AC82-4EFE9F272739.jpeg
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