$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$

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  1. here you go :smile::smile::smile:

  2. Yes the prices did not change :sad:
  3. you have to put the code when you check out
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  4. Doesn't look like the loulou on sale on YSL website. :sad:
  5. the medium and a toy loulou is included (only certain colors though).. there was a top handle one too
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    Yup, to add, the link and code does work, but I think it only applies only to the colors on the sales page. I tried the black monogram purse and it was regular price, but when I added the maroon, the sales price was reflected! Happy shopping ladies!
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  7. what about the sunset? ugh i hate when they don't show the discount price.
  8. I think certain colors of the sunset smooth leather and croc one.. i was able to snag a dark navy croc. Hopefully it works with me (its so pretty), i watched some reviews and the cons are heavy and cant hold a lot, so we shall see.
  9. I added the medium loulou in the bag, and put in the code, however I don't see the discount price. is it only for certain color?
  10. The medium loulou says sold out, assuming the navy color thats listed on the sales page. I’ve never attached a file, but here’s an example of how the discount code is working... the blue and dark red were shown on the sales page, while the black wasn’t. Which is why it’s full priced and the others aren’t.

    Attached Files:

  11. It’s the deep red color that’s included in the sale
  12. Does UK get a different promo code?
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    I can't decide! I quickly bought the teal card holder since it was a steal at $175, but what purse in your opinion is the best bang for your buck? I thinking the medium loulou...
  14. I can't decide if i want the loulou med or the sunset, bought in deep red. Help me please!!!
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  15. I have the same dilemma
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