$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$

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  1. I decided to go with the med. loulou, i saw couples review said that bag is heavy and I want to use it everyday.
  2. Decisions, decisions! I couldn’t decide! But I just bought the Medium College Metallic bag at $1743 and the Shopping Bag in Dark Green at $697. We’ll see how it is.
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  3. Awesome! Yeah that’s one of the reviews about it, so I’m going to test it and see. I’m looking for like a little dressier/date night type of bag.
  4. I have both bags. There is a big difference in capacity because the Sunset's compartments are more rigid. For example, I can't fit my hard case for my eyeglasses in either side of the Sunset compartments comfortably. If you pack only small items, it would be fine. I don't find either bag to be heavy. They are both lovely bags! I got the dark red loulou, since I love my beige one so much.
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  5. Yippee! Just purchased the Medium LouLou in Dark Red!
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  6. does the code PRIVATEYSLSS19 also for australia ?
  7. I just want a card holder . I’m stalking the site for a sale drop down list and didn’t know you had to use a code . An SA told me the sale would start at the end of month but didn’t know exactly when ..
  8. Use this link to see the sale page:

    Then use the code PRIVATEYSLSS19 when you go to the checkout page to see/confirm the discounted price.

    Thanks to all who enabled my sale shopping! Also, check Net a Porter, as they have some YSL bags on sale!
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  9. Anyone happen to have the men’s private sale link at ysl ... looking for a gift for hubby :smile:
  10. Just want to put it out there that boutiques may have some stuff on sale that don't show up online. YMMV. To name a few, I saw grey top handle Loulou, black velvet small Loulou, pink WOC, and snagged a medium grey Loulou backpack at my boutique.
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  11. Does anyone know how often bergdorf/net a porter/nordstrom have sales like a dollar/percentage amount off? I really want the wallet on a chain in black/gold and I missed the saks $300 off by a few minutes and barneys was out of stock RIGHT after i placed my order. so right now only net a porter, bergdorf and nordstrom has it and im dying to get it but it’s tough paying full price after knowing i couldve gotten it for over $300 cheaper :sad: