$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$

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  1. saks does $300 off about once a month!!!!
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  3. Thanks everyone! I’ll probably wait around for Saks again then. My only issue with Ssense is that ive heard a lot of bad reviews about shipping. I have the WORST luck when it comes to shipping so i just don't want to risk it. But definitely appreciate the help
  4. I'm too late to the game. Looking to buy a loulou medium/toy (on sale) in grey, most of the websites are now out of stock.
    Also thinking of getting a shopping tote to carry my laptop around in, wondering if there is something less structured than the shopping tote.
  5. Looks like most of the items on the ysl site are no longer applicable with the code. Only thing that had a reduction in price was the shopping bag
  6. Hey! They have a toy loulou 18% off on ssense. It’s a classic color, it never really goes on sale.

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  7. Your links with the referral doesn't work.
  8. What do folks think of the Dark Green SJD suple vs. the taupe? I'd love a dark colored SJD that's not black. They don't have those dark asphalt grays anymore. Any idea whether the Dark Green is closer to black or brighter green? Also any advice on Dark Green vs. Taupe. The Taupe bag is also beautiful and a wonderful neutral color. I'm mostly worried about getting it dirty.
  9. 833F4C9E-32AF-4ADE-82EA-72650DDE1B24.png 1E255110-D1C3-43AF-B162-6132A02EC931.jpeg
    Here’s my taupe sdj from the sale. I don’t know about the green, but I think the taupe is dark enough that it wouldn’t get dirty with normal use and reasonable care. It looks lighter in this full sun picture.
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  10. Yeah I did a search on the site. But didn’t have the colors I was looking for.
  11. Thank you! The taupe is beautiful!!
  12. I went to the store to take a look at the loulou again and i fell in love with the Niki baby(small). I was comparing websites a little and seems like the have neutralized all the prices worldwide. Might just get it here in Singapore.
  13. I think because the sale is live now and open to everyone. So you just click on the Sales link and it lists everything still available.
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