Saint Laurent Sac De Jour...

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  1. My ex-boyfriend is getting me a SDJ for my birthday. He is my ex but still getting me a bag since he broke up with a day after I announce my birthmonth. Also, we are on the best term now so a bag is in order.
    It’s a nano sized. I’m debating between the Fog Grey and the Lipstick Pink.
    Thank you for helping me choose
  2. I would say Fog grey, as I had an pink sac de jour and when I wanted to sell it I got less for it as it was pink...
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  3. Every now and then I see a well priced pre-loved Souple SDJ, and I think "oh, maybe I'll treat myself to something different". The ones that have a zip top would be particularly great for travel.

    And then I see the sides and more often than not (in the Baby and Small sizes) the leather will be slouched out of shape. So I'm sticking to my two regular structured SDJs for now...
  4. I really love the feel of the leather on the souple. It is much for luxurious than the regular in my opinion. I own a baby size in red and it’s 3 years old. No slouching at all on this size on mine Looks like it did the day I bought it. I use it most days and do take care of my bags. Don’t toss them around. I love it.
    To original poster, I like the fog color.
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  5. Thank you girls!!! (i dont know how to quote from iPhone)
    Haha yes! I got the Fog :smile:
  6. Congrats! You will love it. Post a pic.
  7. I like the look and feel of the Souple leather too, don't get me wrong. That's why I've kept the Souple on my "Maybe One Day" list and I check the pre-loved Souples regularly. I guess that based on what I've seen in the pre-loved market (which gives me an idea of average wear and tear), the classic SDJs tend to look less battered up than the Souples, if I compare those of a similar size and price point.
    It could be that many people see the Souple as a more easy-going carefree bag, so they're not as precious with them - and that's perfectly logical since a bag is meant to be put to work. Of course there are those who take really good care of their Souples too. But most pre-loved ones that I've seen have been really "working" hard.
  8. I totally agree with you on that. Keep looking, though, as there are those of us, like yourself, that keep our bags looking great!
  9. Hi there -- thinking about getting the SDJ in black. Will probably go for the embossed leather and not the souple (I have the traditional Chanel bag in lambskin and regret not buying it in the caviar because the lambskin is so delicate). Can anyone tell me -- some of the SDJs show the metal studs on the front/upper portion of the bag but others do not. Looking at the YSL site, it appears that maybe only the souple comes like this -- can anyone verify? (I read somewhere the metal studs may be an older style but I am not sure.)

    Thanks very much.
  10. Love the SDJ. In answer to your question, yes, only the souple leather has the exposed studs on the upper front of the bag. The embossed leathers do not have this. Theirs is a snap. The embossed also have metal feet on the bottom of the bag and the souple have an extra layer of protection with extra leather on the bottom instead of the metal feet. Personally, I do not like the metal feet. They scratch surfaces and I never place my bags on the floor. I have noticed the embossed leather has changed within the last few months. It looks like a higher quality and a bit hicker which some like and some do not. The souple leather is extremely durable and nothing like your lambskin leather. It doesn’t scratch at all. To me the biggest difference is one bag is stiffer and highly structured and the souple Is structured with a bit of give. Love the SDJ’s. You will love it! Go for it. So worth it. Classic Bag that will never go out of style.
  11. Thanks! I do really love the SDJ. I think I have to see them in person to decide. I really like the exposed studs a lot but I also like more structured bags so I feel like I am really undecided on which one to get.
  12. Is it possible for you to order each and make your decision that way? Seeing each of them is the only way to truly know. It’s too expensive an item to make a mistake.
  13. That's clever. If I can figure out a place to buy both where I can easily return one, I will definitely consider doing this!
  14. I'm interested in getting the small SDJ in black smooth leather w/ gold hardware, does that particular one ever go on sale?
    I know the outlets sell SDJs, but from what I was told by a sales associate there, they never get the black ones. I know I already missed the YSL sale back in June, but does anyone know if the black SDJ was included in that sale?
  15. Finally get a cute pic w this lovely bag haha thanks for letting me share

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