Saint Laurent Sac De Jour...

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  1. Is this baby or small?
  2. Small size
  3. I am sorry to say, today I sold my sac de jour small to a luxury consignment, it was tooooo heavy for me... :sad: Anyone else who has done this? It was a beauty, sad.
  4. I ended up selling my SDJ only because what I need to carry in a day didn't fit properly without having to play little tetris and put things a certain way. More reasons too but won't ramble here. SO BEAUTIFUL THOUGH. Ill probably get it in the size baby and use it for going out :P
  5. Which size did you have?
  6. Gorgeous how are you getting on with it? Is this small or baby?
  7. Small
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  8. Thank you, I was just wondering is there a reason you've sold small and might get the baby? I can't decide between these two! Thanks
  9. This specific SDJ had the most durable and textured leather, which is what attracted me to it! and in store, I loved the size of it compared to the baby. However, I noticed when I got home it just wasn't functional because I had to position my essentials in such a way that it felt like I was playing tetris trying to fit my things. It fit perfect without the zip compartment in the middle but for me, I felt very paranoid with it being an open tote and my wallet wasnt as protected as i needed it to be. It really depends on what you need to carry with you. I didnt see any flaws with the bag itself if I could carry less - small is perfect for most.
  10. Thanks so much for your detailed reply, what I was trying to understand is if you felt the small was too small, what is making you lean towards the baby now (which is a smaller bag than the baby). Sorry if I have misunderstood!
  11. Can I asked how much you got for it? I thinking of selling mine
  12. I got if sold for 1028 euros. I did buy the bag for 55% off at (1088 euros). So I did not loose much money at all, and I used the bag 5 times in 2 years time so it was a deal for me too selling. As long as take care of the bag, you will be able to get some money of it, not so much...
  13. I would use the baby for nights going out, I wont need much and I'd take a smaller cardholder with me.
  14. yslsdj.jpg Here is mine:
  15. Hi ladies ! Not sure if this is still active thread .. question...
    Why are some baby sizes from previous years not have adjustable straps?
    Is this on all bags now vs before ? Thanks !
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