Rose gold hardware hermes bag

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  1. Stunning! Etain and RGHW go together so beautifully.
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  2. Beautiful! This is giving me hope that there is still some brown-free etain out there!
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  3. ❤️❤️❤️
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  4. Stunning! Congrats, dear xxDxx! Etain with RGHW!
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  5. Hi ladies! I was offered B25 Craie with RGHW. I’ll go pick her up next week :graucho:
  6. What an excellent combo
    Its gonna be amazing
  7. Thank you @bagidiotic! And is it not? Funny thing I rehomed a gorgeous K28 Craie with GHW because I’ve found it too dressy to my lifestyle. But a Birkin with Rose Gold...How could I possibly resist it?
  8. I sure did!
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  9. Here she is :love:
    Stamp Y!!!

  10. Utterly gorgeous. Congrats! I've never considered Craie bc of it's light color but this thread has got me changing my wishlist...again!!! :smile:
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  11. Thank you! I’ll tell you it was not in my plans either, but I couldn’t resist it. The Rose Gold looks perfect on it. :heart: