Rose gold hardware hermes bag

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  1. Mine is Etain with RGHW. Only heard of Birkin in Black with RGHW, Bleu Nuit with RGHW, Beton with RGHW and Etain with RGHW so far from my SA. :smile:
  2. I've also seen photos of Birkin Touch in Raisin with RGHW.

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  3. There is gris tourterelle with RGHW too :smile:
  4. My SA surprised me with this today. I asked for Constance 18 noir Epsom with gold hardware. She offered me the bag in rose gold hardware. I like GHW more but still couldn't resist and got it. 20191115_184338.jpg 20191115_184641.jpg 20191115_184338.jpg 20191115_184338.jpg 20191115_184641.jpg 20191115_184338.jpg 20191115_184641.jpg
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  5. Sorry for the duplicate images!! Phone connection problem and the pictures got uploaded multiple times!!
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  6. Bag twins! I love the h rose gold it’s stunning, and I don’t think it’s hard to match with gold accessories so it’s great for variety. Congrats!
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  7. Hi guys,
    Any update on what color of b comes in rghw this year? It is my dream to get it in etain but got a kelly in that color already.. keen to know what to request from my SA.. tia
  8. I was offered a B30 in gris etain rghw
  9. totally took it?
  10. I broke my "no repeating colors" rule for my Etain RGHW B25. I already had an Etain GHW K28. Totally worth it! I think RGHW complements Etain the best :heart:
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  11. Agree a million times.. don’t worry honey, i plan to join you.. i asked my SA for a rosegold hardware b25 and im praying to get one soon. I told him even if i got an etain kelly, i would be happy getting it in togo b25 as well as long as it is rghw.. that is what I have been requesting in the past year even before getting offered with a k25. crossing my fingers. Somewhat disappointed i didn’t get any yet.
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  12. I love that scarf! What is it and which cw??
  13. Here’s a better pic of my new B30 Etain with RGHW :love: