Rose gold hardware hermes bag

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  1. I just began my 1st birkin with rose gold hw the touch
    My constance 18 so with rose gold
    So far I only seen rose gold hardware with birkin and constance
    Has anyone seen in Kelly or other model
    My rose rose acquisition has began
    What I remember
    Touch series birkin only
    Regular birkin only in black or gris t and blue ?
    Small slg

    Any other Intel?
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  2. I was wondering the same thing! I would love to get my hands on a medor with RGH.
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  3. I saw a bicolor 20cm Swift toolbox in Las Vegas over the new year with rose gold hardware. If I remember correctly it was blue Brighton with a red interior. It sadly wasn’t the right size for me.
  4. Do you gals think rose gold hardware hermes bag is going to be permanent or just limited production like those guillioche
    Permabrass or ruthenium style?
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  5. Great thread! Also rose gold in Roulis 23.
  6. Cherche Midi bordeaux[​IMG]
  7. The Cherche Midi has been available in rose gold hw since 2017. For Birkins in rose gold, I've seen pics of it in black, Etain, Gris Tourterelle, and Bleu Nuit.
  8. Thanks
    I observed that too
  9. Gorgeous
    Unfortunately this style doesn't work on me
  10. Perhaps all rose gold owners and lovers
    Can share more new informations
    Pictures matching set
    New purchases
    Personal collection of
    Or even using experience
  11. I think I saw a vert cypress Kelly with RHW a few days ago on here.
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  12. i did found Rosegold plating very prone to scratches, i used my constance just one time and already had few sctarches on it. I asked my SA regarding rosegold plating is much softer than gold and silver, maybe it's the reason why it's not on kelly?
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  13. Gd point noted
    Thanks pretty
  14. Omg! I’m experiencing the same thing with my C and I thought I was crazy lol I have two C, one with RGHW and one with PHW; the HW on the RGHW C is all scratched up and it even has a few deep scratches/scuffs on it. However, my PHW C barely has any scratches on the HW and I use both bags regularly.
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  15. Wow if this is the case then they shouldn't have released the hardware yet. My SA told me the reason why it took so long for RGHW to be added was because Hermes wanted to develope hardware which was as resilient as the GHW and PHW type used. My RGHW is on a C which I use gently so I have not noticed this happening.
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