Rggh owners please help ! Zipper concern!

  1. That is not a brand that Bal uses. If you want to know for sure, post pictures of your bag in the authenticate this thread.
  2. ^^ Good advice.
  3. Oh thank god for this thread!
    I bought a rgh gold town second hand in the 2010 colour bois de rose. I was completely happy it was authentic as the seller said it was bought from selfridges and all other areas of the bag were fine. I then sat in the car on The way to my parents house and noticed that the zips didn't have lampo on them!! I did a quick search and found this thread. It's put my mind at rest.
  4. Hi ladies, I recently bought a black rggh town in black and the back of zipper has lampo sign. I got it in Balenciaga store in Manila Philippines. Now I'm confused as everyone seems not to have the logo?
  5. Hi, I think 2011 rggh bags have zippers that have the lampo sign. It was mentioned in page 3 of this thread.

    By the way, congrats on your town! :tup:
  6. My 2011 OB town rggh also have Lampo on the zipper.
  7. Just an observation: Back when I was eyeing a Blue Roi RGGH city, I noticed that the back of the zipper did NOT have a Lampo stamp. It was flat and the RGGH was shiny with a fine finish. Whereas, now that I just got my Anthracite F/W RGGH '11 Part time (from HK Balenciaga boutique)...the hardware has a more rusty matte effect and the zipper has the LAMPO stamp. In fact, this finish kind of annoyed me and I asked the SA if all of them where like that. She said that they only had two of the kind I wanted. I looked at both and both of them had this matte-ish finish...the color of the hardware was not even (it's kind of like copper-ish effect). It's hard to explain unless you see it in person.
    ..definitely the RGGH of last year's was nicer but I loved the combo anyway so I still got the purse.:smile:
  8. omg i have 2 bags rggh one has the lampo thingy and the other one doesnt have! bought them on the same balenciaga store last year!! omg!! what does that mean??
  9. hey ladies so got my bal from my sister which she bought i think december of last year and the RGGH have the lampo thingy in it already and my 2010 town RGGH doesnt have the lampo. soi guess they already changed it.
  10. My 2012 Rose Bruyere mGGH City has Lampo zippers...
  11. My 2011 BL RGGH pt has the lampo zippers, but my 2012 Glycine MRGGH pt does not...wonder why this is
  12. really ?? that's so strange....ohhhh i hate these inconsistencies!!
  13. OK sorry I am mistaken, both 2011 BL and 2012 Glycine have the lampo. But, my Black RGGH from either 2010 or 2011 (I don't know for sure) doesn't have the lampo. Does that mean it was from 2010?
  14. To amandacasey, I think your Black RGGH Town was very likely from 2010. Starting in 2011, the rose gold zipper has lampo stamped on the back.
  15. Thank you! I think that's what it is based on reading this thread through; the 2010 were smooth and 2011 had the lampo stamp, it seems. I like both!