Rggh owners please help ! Zipper concern!

  1. Yes, what year is yours? Maybe they just started that? Off to check mine...
  2. Possibly... I'm not sure how they work it with their bags but it literally appeared on the UK website about a week ago. Until then, my first choice was the Anthracite with GSH and then I saw this one and I was sold. So it's very recent...but don't know for certain and not sure if there's a way to find out.

    Perhaps someone who is really hot on this kinda thing can say if mine is 2011 or not!
  3. ^^ if you check the white card that was sent with the bag - it will have a year on the top left I think it is - probably say 2010 3 (F/W) or 2011 1 (S/S)..
  4. Agreed, check the white tag...isn't yours Anthra or is it Canard?
  5. ^^^ your anthra might be s/s 11 and there may well be a change in the zippers.
  6. My 2011 1 Anthra RGGH City has the Lampo stamp on the zipper but my 2010 1 Olive and 2010 3 Anthra RGGH bags do not.
  7. how did i miss this thread? Any updates from the company on this issue? I just got myself an almost new 10 Anthra RgghCity from a very nice TPFer who coinsidentally lives in my state & was shocked when i saw the back of the zipper, until she showed this thread to me.
  8. how does the rose gold lampo zippers zip up compared to the smooth rose gold zippers? i find that the smooth ones are tougher to zip up than the lampo gold or silver zippers.
  9. Well mine has the Lampo mark but I have found the zippers quite stiff so perhaps this is a feature of RGGH zippers in general? My friend has a City with GGH and whilst her bag is older than mine and I'm sure my zippers will get smoother with use, her zippers are very smooth and I can't imagine mine will ever get like that. Having said that, the zippers on my old RH Castagna Day bag were always stiff - bought it in February and sold it in November and it never got any smoother. Both my bags were bought from balenciaga.co.uk so no doubts with authenticity. I guess maybe zippers just vary from bag to bag...
  10. i just received my Anthracite GRGH City 2011 from Bal LA from lovely Sophie, and only just checked the zips - mine does have lampos (thank goodness for this thread, as I was very confused). The leather is amazing as always!
  11. Hey ladies, I purchased my balenciaga city rggh in march, so it's 2010, but it has the same issue. I contacted Balenciaga directly and showed them proof of purchase ( From Mytheresa) and they said that it was definitely authentic, just that the RGGH doesn't have the lampo stamp on the back. I got this a while ago, but I don't remember if they said it was a different company or something, but I was told that it was perfectly fine?
  12. all the bags I've seen at NM and Barneys have the smooth zippers on the RGGH so I wouldn't worry about it.:smile:
  13. Are your zippers from the brand YKK??? I have the YKK on the side of the zippers. Want to know if this is a replica or a real. Help please!
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